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 My Pokemon OC

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PostSubject: My Pokemon OC   Sat Sep 22, 2012 3:34 pm

Name: Makala Mistituke
Parents: Josh Sinho - father, Maria Mistituke - mother.
Siblings: Flower Mistituke - sister jack Mistituke - brother
Friends traveling with her: Nina, Becca, Corey.
Lives: in the Sinnoh region
Age: 12
Crush: Ash
Works: is a trainer and coordinator.
Looks: Black hair to waist, brown eyes, black skirt, black tank top, tan skin, medium-sized height, black high heels.
Contest uniforms: She has many different kinds but her favorite is the one her mother made her. It's a black dress that starts at her chest and stops at the ground with thunderbolts on it. It's a frilly dress and Makala isn't fond of frilly dresses but she loves wearing it on contest days.


Raichu: is Makala's first Pokemon. They have been together since Raichu hatched from an egg as a Pichu. Raichu is very strong and isn't scared to fight. He tries his best to protect Makala and the other small Pokemon from any harm.
Moves: Volt tackle, iron tail, thunder, thunderbolt
Gender: Male

Pikachu: is the mother of the Pokemon group. She protects everyone the best she can and is a motherly figure. She protects the Pichu brothers and makes sure they don't get hurt in any way.
moves: Volt tackle, iron tail, attract, thunderbolt.
gender: Female

Pichu brothers: The Pichu brothers were hatched from eggs when Makala was about nine. She's had them ever since. The Pichu brothers are very mischievous and act very wild. They don't mean to be crazy it's just how they are. They usually run off with out anybody noticing and getting themselves in a whole lot of trouble. Makala uses them a lot in contests to show off their cuteness.
gender: male and male
moves: iron tail, thunder bolt, quick attack, volt tackle.

Giratina: is Makala's legendary Pokemon. Even though Giratina acts all rough and tough it's actually a really nice Pokemon. Makala likes to sleep beside him or on his back when they're out in a forest or outside so she can be warm. The other Pokemon get close Giratina, too.
moves: Shadow force, shadow ball, dragon claw, stomp.
gender: Unknown

Magmortar: He thinks he's a hot shot. He is a pretty strong Pokemon and likes to fight. He can be a hot head from time to time and is the boyfriend of Lopunny. He likes to fight against water types for some strange reason. Maybe because he wants to show those water-heads just how strong fire is against them.
moves: flamethrower, fire blast, flame wheel, hyper beam.

Lopunny: This is Lopunny. She is a shiny Pokemon which she is very proud of. She thinks she's much prettier than the other Lopunny cause they're yellowish and she's pink! She is the girlfriend of Magmortar and is usually used in contests to show off her beauty and power. She is very strong and hates getting dirty.
moves: Ice beam, mirror move, attract, dizzy punch.

Pokemon in box: Purugly, Gardevior, Galade, Gliscor, Empoleon, Froslass, Roserade, Crobat, Lucario, Riolu, Milotic, Luxray, Weavile, Umbreon, Aggron, Jumpluff, Bastiodon, Bellosom, Flygon, Walerin, Drifblim, Alakazam, Ampheros, Leafeon, Banette, Floatzel, Tyranitar, Sharpedo, Azumarill, Magnezone, Noctowl, Dusknoir, Mamoswine, Togetic, Gastrodon (west). (all these are from my Platinum game for the DS. I have more but I'll add more as are rp progresses, ok? sound good?)

Father works as an elite four member. He works in the Elite Four. He matches up to Cynthia but you have to battle him before getting to Cynthia. His partner Pokemon is Deoxys.

Mom works as a top coordinator. She still is but kinda retired to spend more time with her kids but is still doing contests off and on from time to time. Her partner Pokemon is Purugly.

Jack is a Pokemon researcher. He catches Pokemon and researches about them. His partner Pokemon is Infernape.

Flower is a Pokemon artist. She likes to draw pictures of different Pokemon and sell them. Her partner Pokemon is Staraptor.

Corey is a gym leader but is traveling with Makala. He never likes staying in one place for a long time so he quit being a gym leader. He was a water gym leader so he has water Pokemon. He is the cook of Makala's group. His partner Pokemon is Feraligator.

Becca is a Pokemon researcher. She researches Pokemon and learns more about them. Her partner Pokemon is Ambipom.

Nina is a Pokemon trainer. She loves dark and ghost Pokemon! They're her favorites! Her Pokemon partner is Duskull.

I hope this info is good enough! I can't wait to roleplay with somebody sometime soon!
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Dream Drops

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PostSubject: Re: My Pokemon OC   Sat Sep 22, 2012 10:15 pm

Are you interested in a one on one roleplay?

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PostSubject: Re: My Pokemon OC   Sun Sep 23, 2012 12:57 am

of course. i would love to do a one on one roleplay with you!
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Dream Drops

PokéPartner :
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PostSubject: Re: My Pokemon OC   Sun Sep 23, 2012 12:59 am

animelover1016 wrote:
of course. i would love to do a one on one roleplay with you!

Awesome, awesome, I'll get a topic set up here~.

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PostSubject: Re: My Pokemon OC   Tue Oct 08, 2013 12:10 pm

love your pokemon OC Makala, I was going to reply to this OC bio sooner but I've had a lot on my plate. I'm sorry Depressed 

If you're wondering what part of your OCs bio that I like the most, well I like it all. Especially the images used; this is really cool! :D

If you think you can pick on me for liking Anime at the age of 21, then go take a hike as I am not curling up into a ball over it; got a problem with me liking Pokemon, My Little Ponies, Yugioh and such then please.. Deal with that problem on your own and don't consult me about it.
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PostSubject: Re: My Pokemon OC   

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My Pokemon OC
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