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 Naruto OC: Sayuri Nozomi

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PostSubject: Naruto OC: Sayuri Nozomi   Tue Oct 09, 2012 10:51 pm

*I have a rather detailed layout of Sayuri posted on Quizilla, but for the sake of space, I chopped this as short as I could. So if you have any questions, concerns, comments - lemme know :D

And I'm as new as it gets around here, so I apologize in advanced if I'm confused or do things completely wrong ^^'

Name: Sayuri Nozomi

Age: 17

Birthday: January 23rd

Nin. Rank: Chunin

Home Village: Konohagakure

Current Village: Konohagakure

Ninja Statistics

Ninjutsu: 2.5/5; She is an offensive/decoy ninja that fights at long range.

Taijutsu: 1/5 She isn’t too strong physically and lacks the resilliance needed to preform Taijutsu

Genjutsu: 0/5 Weakest weakness. Can easily be trapped in Genjutsu.

Stamina: 3/5 A sliver above average. She finds that playing decoy has given her prolonged stamina.

Chakra Control: 2/5 Average chakra control.

Chakra Level: 2/5 Her jutsus take up a lot of her chakra

Agility: 4/5 Thanks to being frail and a poor short range fighter, dodging is vital for her. Especially since her main goal is to pre-occupy the enemy, dodging and catching her enemies attention is key.

Intelligence: 2/5 The average thinker/strategizer

Strength-Level: 2/5 Once again, not too physically strong

Chakra Element: Water-release.

Personal Information

Good Points on Personality: Sayuri isn't one of those shy girls who sit around and wait for people to talk to her. She goes out of her way to talk to whoever she wants. She does it calm and quietly, not like Naruto who tends to scare people off before he even gets their name. Her confidence is a bit higher than it should be, which allows her to go through missions without a doubt in herself, although she doesn’t carry on that confidence in a cocky manner (unless she has to, in her little decoy battles). She's quite competitive, which can be both good and bad. For the most part, she ignores rude comments - but if they continue for a long period of time, she will snap. She can tolerate a lot - annoying people, demanding people, rude people; but like I said, if it continues for far too long - she will snap.

Bad Points on Personality: Although her anger isn't easily accessable, when some unlucky fool triggers it - all hell breaks loose. Sayuri also has a hard time understanding things. Yes, Sayuri is dim. Not as much as Naruto (pre-shippuden), but she is definitely dim. VERY impulsive, saying things that shouldn't be said as well as jumping into battle thinking it will be a piece of cake. Sayuri is an emotional person – not someone who cries over everything – but someone who can’t ignore her feelings or push them aside like most ninja tend to do. At times, she traps herself in her head and over-thinks situations that need no thought at all. And lastly, one of Sayuri’s biggest faults is not using her talents (wit, somewhat analytical behavior) where they should be used. In the ninja-field.

Ect. Points of Personality: (Things that aren't really negative/positive but are key to your OC)

Despite being rather dim - Sayuri is clever with her comebacks. Sadly that is the extent of how she uses her mind. It ties in with her attitude when she plays decoy in battle. How can she irritate her opponent with lame comebacks? Another thing that tends to slip through people’s radar is the quiet wise person she is on the inside. She does understand a lot of life’s lessons, and seems to talk cryptically in phrases.

Family: Mother (Rina Nozomi), Father (Taiyo Nozomi); Both alive, living with them.

Love Interest: Neji Hyuga (or Shikamaru Nara)

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Naruto OC: Sayuri Nozomi
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