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 Digimon (Season 1) Character Sheet: Knight

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Okami Yammi

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PostSubject: Digimon (Season 1) Character Sheet: Knight   Thu Oct 11, 2012 1:27 am

[[God, geez, I decided to re-watch season one. So if I'm a bit rusty, that's why. XD]]


Name: Knight [She really doesn’t like being called by her real name]

Age: 14

Nationality: Alaskan


Personality: Knight comes off as quirky an awkward, though once you get to know her; she’s a really nice person. She tends to do without thinking, thus getting in trouble. Knight really doesn’t mind being teamed up with a Dark Digimon, though this worries the others. Knight is a very friendly person, unless rubbed the wrong way. If that happens, she’d usually ignore that person.

History: Knight wasn’t with the others when she was pulled into the Digital World. She was up in Alaska with her father. Her Malamute dog wanted outside, so she let him out. The dog padded quickly toward a falling object. Knight followed after him, soon seeing something float up. She grabbed it, not realizing it was a Digivice. She was soon dragged into the Digital World, leaving her dog and her father behind. She soon wandered around the island, finding the other kids.

Crush: ----

Digicrest: Knowledge

Digimon Partner: Cerberumon

Moved to Starry Eyed Writers, feel free to follow us there! <3
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Digimon (Season 1) Character Sheet: Knight
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