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 Pokemon Character Sheet: Kelly

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Rekka Pop

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PostSubject: Pokemon Character Sheet: Kelly   Thu Nov 01, 2012 1:32 pm

Name: Kelly Huntley
Age: 25
Region: Hoenn
Battle Strategy: Hits hard and fast, employing strategy as she goes.
Love Interest: Lt. Surge

Personality: Kelly is a rather laid back individual who worries about almost nothing when given the chance. Because of this she can often come across as uncaring to the situation at hand or to the consequences her possible actions may cause. She also seems to care more about fulfilling her own needs and wants first though this is often not the case. When she can get get away with it Kelly will sacrifice much of what she has if only to save someone else.

Kelly can be very sarcastic and rather selfish when nothing is on the line. When those that she cares for are threatened to leave or get taken away from her she tends to become much ruder or 'jerkier' to the person or Pokemon in question if only to hide her feelings.

Despite this almost lax persona when Kelly is on the hunt for a target she becomes increasingly focused, driven to bring in the target. Most of the time she proves to be a loose cannon and on a number of occasions she has been known to fatally injure the target in question. Because she proves to be such a loose cannon Kelly is often partnered up with someone else while out and about despite the fact that she oftentimes wanders off on her own to do her own thing or to hunt down the target alone.

She has issues with following orders, especially those that she deems beneath her, but due to her abilities she is often granted some amount of leeway within Team Rocket.

History: Hailing from the Hoenn region Kelly had trained for several years under Wattson in her beginning years as a trainer working to thrive with electric-type Pokemon under his tutelage. She soon heard rumors of the electric user Lt. Surge in Kanto and sought him out for further training with such Pokemon. This would end up being the thing that set her up later in life to either live on the run or try to find some deeper purpose working for Team Rocket once she found out their plans for herding the legendary Pokemon towards a goal that has been undisclosed to her.

Despite the fact that she often gets into trouble for drawing attention to herself for saving others when they need it she often times is left alive within Team Rocket solely for her ability with electric-types.

Whatever family she may have had is a mystery as she never speaks of them and doesn't even seem inclined to seek them out if they are still alive.

Pokemon Team:
Emolga - Nickname: Minipete. Male. Lax Nature.
Galvantula - Nickname: Raiden. Male. Bold Nature.
Raichu - Nickname: Farron. Female. Mild Nature.
Manectric - Nickname: Quezacotl. Male. Mild Nature.
Magneton - Nickname: Morpheus. ---. Docile Nature.
Ampharos - Nickname: Thorin. Male. Serious Nature.

Open For: Group or One-on-One RPs.
Taking Part in: Assault of Legends

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Pokemon Character Sheet: Kelly
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