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 PKMN Character Sheet: Krim

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Rekka Pop

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PostSubject: PKMN Character Sheet: Krim   Thu Nov 01, 2012 1:34 pm

Name: Alex
Alias: Krim
Age: 24
Region Hailed From: Hoenn
Occupation: Mercenary
Love Interest: Grimsley

Personality: Krim tends to be a rather cold individual but not with hints of sarcasm or a dry sense of humor. She holds money as her first priority after a lifetime of never having enough and thus she can come across as very selfish. When she is hired she will stop at nothing to achieve the goal that she is being paid for, even risking herself a times - at least, until someone pays her higher for a new purpose. Krim can be very clever when she needs to be, coming up with some rather unorthodox plans. Due to her line of work she is very fit and able to keep fighting and running alongside her Pokemon if necessary for long periods of time.

Despite all of this it is a front. She is a soft individual who - when prodded correctly - can be brought to tears quite easily. Because of this anyone who gets to know her past her front wonders why she is in mercenary work.

She'll deny it outright but she has a habit of growing closer to individuals quickly who try to pry at her shell. She usually ends up with a respect for these people thought whether or not she shows or says anything about it is another matter entirely. Because of this she can often swing through moods quite easily, in attempts to keep her outer shell in tact.

History: Not much is known about Krim other than she grew up with only her mother before she passed away from some illness. She was forced to become a sort of mercenary to bring in money, fighting for any cause that would pay her enough.

Unknown to many she has been in the debt and employ of another mercenary - a ruthless man by the name of Vance. An abusive fellow, he has a habit of finding people at their most desperate and bargains with them in a way that he knows works out for his benefit. He has a habit of tacking on added debts - fair or not - to keep people under his thumb.

At some point in her life a mission went horribly awry and she cannot step foot in Hoenn without a fugitive status being attached to her person.

Pokemon Team
Electabuzz - Male, Bold Nature
Manectric - Male, Docile Nature
Luxio - Female, Adamant Nature
Galvantula - Male, Serious Nature
Emolga - Female, Careful Nature

Open For: LOCKED
Taken Part In: Our Destinies

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PKMN Character Sheet: Krim
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