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 Pokémon Character Sheet: Claire Wright

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Rekka Pop

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PostSubject: Pokémon Character Sheet: Claire Wright   Thu Nov 01, 2012 1:37 pm

✘Basic Information✘


Claire Wright




Pokémon trainer

Home Region

Unova, Nimbasa City

Pokémon Team

Electivire gender: male nickname: Balmung nature: hardy
moveset: Thunderbolt, Thunder Punch, Thunder, Low Kick
Raichu gender: female nickname: Thora nature: rash
moveset: Thunderbolt, Focus Blast, Sweet Kiss, Thunder
Elektross gender: male nickname: Sergei nature: calm
moveset: Crunch, Crush Claw, Thunderbolt, Zap Cannon
Galvantula gender: male nickname: Raiden nature: quirky
moveset: Bug Bite, Gastro Acid, Slash, Electro Ball
Eevee gender: male nickname: Talos nature: docile
moveset: Baby-Doll Eyes, Swift, Quick Attack, Bite
Mareep gender: female nickname: Claribel nature: lax
moveset: Growl, Thunder Wave, Thundershock, Cotton Spore

✘Appearance Information✘

Hair Color and Style

Her hair reaches down to her hips and is white in color. Though she's been made fun of as a child for having white hair she tends to dye it pink to avoid dealing with it anymore despite the fact that it's mostly in her head now that anyone is picking at her for her hair color anymore.


Claire's eyes are gold in color.

Skin Tone and Complexion

She's rather olive-toned and has a rather plain complexion though if she drinks too much soda she will break out.

Height, Weight, Figure

She stands at about 5'4" and is rather skinny with a figure that often needs the right tight-fitting clothes to accentuate it if she wishes to.

Clothing Style

Claire likes wearing hats or scarves if she has the choice as well as boots versus sneakers. She has a casual style, finding no need to fuss too much with her appearance past her hair color.

Scars, Tattoos and Piercings

She has no tattoos or piercings.

✘Personality Information✘

Claire is someone who puts everything into what she does and thus can become discourages if results are not what she’d hoped for. She can be hardheaded due to wanting to do things on her own, refusing to ask for help unless there is no other choice. If she works herself too hard she can grow ill forgoing sleep or forgetting to eat if not reminded.

She happens to be self-conscious and takes care of her self-image as best she can. At times she can find herself worrying about what others think about her though she keeps this to herself. Even still she is a tough and competitive girl who can oftentimes be rather rude or sarcastic.

Stubborn and determined it is hard to get Claire to change her mind once she’s come to a decision. Though she has her fair share of worries and concerns when she does make her choices she keeps these to herself, often brooding on them for longer than she should. This can leave her conflicted.

When dealing with her feelings she can be rather distant even to those she cares for. It takes herself a great deal to initiate physical contact and tends to be rather significant when she does. On top of this Claire finds it difficult to discern and talk about her feelings in a whole. Because of this she can sometimes be told she’s cold.


Battling and traveling are her usual concerns, attempting to keep on the move and to keep an interesting life. She has an affinity for music, video games and for cartoons, however. She favors electric-type pokémon to the point of training them almost exclusively though she’s been known to have other types temporarily as well.


She has a deeply rooted fear to Scolipede and it seems to be a fear she cannot get herself to fully conquer. Claire isn’t a fan of loud noises though will tolerate them if she has to.


She's at battling though any other actual talents and skills she might have are rarely explored. She seems to enjoy drawing though rarely seems to have the chance to.


Because she is stubborn she can be hard to work with if she feels she's being ordered around. In these situations she can be hardheaded, refusing to do what she's told. Her mouth tends to land her into quite a bit of trouble as well, often angering the people she's around if she's not careful.

✘Relationship Information✘


- - -


- - -

Love Interest

Lt. Surge

✘Biographical Information✘


Having naturally white hair she had grown up being picked on for it, oftentimes being equated to a 'granny' and thus she dyes her hair pink to hide it and avoid the teasing. She started as a trainer at a young age, like many others, with a Pikachu her parents had given her to start with. Content to travel she took the gym challenges in the regions she visited and had amassed a fair amount in her travels. Her past was a nondescript one otherwise and though she had her share of troubles Claire seems to try not to dwell on them, however successful this is is anyone’s guess.

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Pokémon Character Sheet: Claire Wright
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