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 Silent Hill: Kelly Locke

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PostSubject: Silent Hill: Kelly Locke   Thu Nov 01, 2012 4:00 pm

———————————✘Basic Information✘———————————


Kelly Locke





———————————✘Appearance Information✘———————————

Hair Color and Style

She has long, messy brown hair, the bangs falling in the way of her face and framing it. She doesn't seem to put much effort into making it neater or pulling it back. The most she's seen doing with it is a simple ponytail and even that is sloppy.


Dark brown eyes that only seem to look at the world with boredom.

Skin Tone and Complexion

Considering she's a shut-in Kelly has pale skin and she burns before she tans if she spend too much time outside in intense sun.

Height, Weight, Figure

Kelly stands a little under five foot five inches and is dainty thing. She has small wrists and hands and is pretty skinny. Her hips are bony and she's got an average bust size for someone her height.

Clothing Style

Kelly wears simple clothes, usually a pair of ratty blue jeans and a muscle shirt. She normally has some sort of a jacket to go over the top, if only to make it look less trashy. Due to the fact that she can't afford much she has a small wardrobe in general.

Scars, Tattoos and Piercings

She has a tribal dragon tattoo on her right shoulder, one of a tasteful size. Her ears are pierced though she doesn't seem to wear earrings too often.

———————————✘Personality Information✘———————————

A snarky and sarcastic individual Kelly hides away her actual feelings behind a mask of indifference and crude humor. Kelly also has the habit of bottling up or hide any emotional reactions she has to something. Because of this she is often conflicted about her own feelings. She wishes for companionship and yet thinks she is better off alone due to the people she had grown up around and seeing how they reacted and acted within their lackluster relationships. Because of this Kelly often prefers to work alone and will feel resent if she has to rely on someone else's assistance to get by.

Because she has often been overlooked in life, by her family and by peers, Kelly finds that this is how she has come to grips with her feelings. She internalizes what she feels and finds it hard to stop dwelling on the things that bother her. Because of this when she grows angry she withdraws into herself, insisting that everything is fine.

She finds it hard to bring herself to care about people or to care about much of anything really. She goes through life feeling as if she is unable to really live it and is instead living out a laundry list of chores. Because of this she feels beaten down and expresses little ambition in life, believing she will get nowhere.


She quite enjoys playing video games of all sorts and has a sizable collection. While she enjoys reading she has a hard time finding stories she actively enjoys and thus has let the hobby slip into obscurity over the years. Despite being a shut-in she does enjoy getting out and about to see new sights though it's not often she gets the chance to indulge in this.


She's found herself becoming something of a shut-in and so naturally she dislikes large crowds of people. Likewise she hates loud noises with the exception being music. Kelly hates her personal space being invaded without good reason or warning. There's also a deep dislike of insects, particularly of centipedes in general.


Kelly doesn't feel as if she has many talents. She can doodle and she's good at the video games she has but that's about all she feels she has. She does have some writing and designing talent though it's not very often that she indulges in either of these.


Finding herself resentful of herself if she must ask for help she often bites her tongue when she does need help. Because of this aversion to asking for help she can often land herself into deeper water than she can handle. Kelly also has the habit of fading into the background. She finds herself being talked over or ignored more times than not in large groups and so she has long since stopped trying to voice her opinions and thoughts on anything. This can make it harder to communicate with her effectively.

If she is not given enough space to 'recharge' after dealing with people day in and day out for days at a time then she can grow snappish and hard to deal with. Kelly finds that she needs time alone to sort herself out before she can face people once more in those instances, pushing people away when it comes to that.

———————————✘Relationship Information✘———————————


{to be announced}


{to be announced}

Love Interest

Alex Shepard

———————————✘Biographical Information✘———————————


Kelly grew up in a family of four—parents, brother and herself—and seemed to get alone best on her own. Living out in the country she never got to grow around children her own age until she went to school, leaving her more comfortable to her own devices and not recognizing how to reach out to others since a young age. Her family life is one of both emotional abuse and neglect. Her father never seemed to wish to have any part in her life. When hew as not out hunting or working he was at home in front of the TV or working on their marijuana stashes to sell. Her mother was the abusive one, often crossing the line between discipline and abuse when Kelly was in trouble.

Because of these factors Kelly grew to shut herself out from the world, preferring to be off on her own. In large crowds she is often on the edges, observing or eavesdropping if she is not reading or playing a handheld console of some kind.

While her parents were there physically it were video games and sometimes books that seemed to 'raise' Kelly. It were these that she drew her morals and ideas from as she grew up. Now that she is older she has abandoned her family, cut ties from them completely and lives in a crappy apartment in a city out in the middle of nowhere.

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Silent Hill: Kelly Locke
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