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 PKMN Character Sheet: Shadow

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Rekka Pop

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PostSubject: PKMN Character Sheet: Shadow   Wed Nov 14, 2012 6:33 pm

Name: ----
Alias: Shadow
Age: 26
Occupation: Pokemon Trainer
Specializes in: Dark-types, but will train other types if they suit her fancy - usually Ghost or Psychic-types though this is not always the case.
Love Interest: Grimsley
Appearance click for larger image:

Personality: Shadow can prove to be rather reckless and impulsive but when it comes down to others depending and relying on her she will squash those if only to protect those around her. Even still her recklessness and eccentricity can shine through providing the most dangerous or odd plans. While she enjoys a good fight what she really loves is to travel and explore new areas and learn new things.

She can prove to be a rather introverted person to begin with but when she opens up she can be the most loyal out of them all. She will dow whatever it takes to save and protect those she cares for, even at the expense of her own well-being and she will do so without a second thought. Even still she is very stubborn and will often try to deny help even when she so obviously needs it if only to save her own pride.

Despite her temper, recklessness and impulsiveness Shadow has a deeper side to her that allows her to watch and observe those around her. She can guess at what might make others tick or act the way they do and she can provide surprising deep musings when she feels up to it. Wild as she is when she is around someone she could think of as a significant other Shadow can prove to be rather timid and gentle though this is a side she rather prefers to hide.

History: Ever since she was a child Shadow had had an affinity with dark and ghost type Pokemon, usually playing with her father's Banette or sometimes his Golbat. Because of these experiences she grew to appreciate and love Pokemon that erred on the 'darker' side of things, often times those that were nocturnal are of dark, ghost or psychic types. She was on the road, training with her team, when she had first run across the corruption that had spread through the lands by a team known only as Team Genesis. It was at this encounter that marked her as a fugitive to the new laws being set throughout the regions and caused her to flee and become a rebel on her own. While she was often admired for her leadership qualities when she would team up with other rebel groups Shadow herself feels that she does not hold up to the standards they need and often slips away once everything has settled down in the area. This has earned her the alias 'Shadow.'

Pokemon Team:
Liepard: Male. Nicknamed Cheshire. Calm nature.
Houndoom: Female. Nicknamed Grim. Lonely nature.
Gliscor: Male. Nicknamed Dracula. Bashful nature.
Mightyena: Female. Nicknamed Fang.
Tyranitar: Male. Nicknamed Atlas. Brave nature.
Murkrow: Female. Nicknamed Xeyuu. Bold nature.

Open For: LOCKED
Taken Part In: Darkened Hopes

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PKMN Character Sheet: Shadow
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