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 PKMN Mystery Dungeon Character Sheet; Buneary

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PostSubject: PKMN Mystery Dungeon Character Sheet; Buneary   Thu Nov 22, 2012 4:10 am

Pokemon: Buneary

Nickname: Usa

Gender: Female {♀}


Type: Normal

Weakness: Fighting Type

Resistant: Ghost Type

Species: Rabbit Pokemon

Ability: Limber (Prevents paralysis)

Special Abilities: Usa can perform powerful blows with her ears along with having the ability to have amazing jumping. Her moves are Ice Beam, Jump Kick, Dizzy Punch, and Shadow Ball.

Level: 16

Pokemon Number: #427

Height: 1'04"

Weight: 12.1 lbs

Personality: Usa can seem like a complicated Pokemon to most, from being quiet then to cheerful and talktive the next. A bunny who tends to quickly change her demeanor, Usa is may be seen as calm, quiet, and polite (making her seem aloof) at first but as she knows the Pokemon more, she'll get out of her shell more.
Usa is a hard-working Pokemon who'll try her best but if things don't come out the way she wanted or good, she'll beat herself up over it which is something that she frequently does. She may seem spunky to others, she can really be sensitive and emotional on the inside. This is something she tries not to show but her emotions might get the best of her sometimes.
Because of the lack of those close to her, Usa can be a protective Pokemon if there is a Pokemon she is attached to.

History: Usa was a Buneary who lived in the forest without much parent supervision, she was a very painfully shy and weak Pokemon who always ran away from others. However, she was confront by a criminal who forced her into battle. She barely hold on, and was close to being defeated until a Explorer from Wigglytuff's Guild came on a mission and rescued her.
From that day, she began to train around in the forest for protection. Time to time, she'd see different Explorers from Wigglytuff's Guild and decided to make use of her abilities so she could help people like those kind Explorers helped her out.
So she entered in as a solo Explorer, only doing jobs that somebody could do alone. She does wishes to do more helpful missions but because of her being all alone she cannot.
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PKMN Mystery Dungeon Character Sheet; Buneary
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