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 PKMN Character Sheet: Layla Glenn

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PostSubject: PKMN Character Sheet: Layla Glenn   Sat Jan 05, 2013 12:08 pm

Name: Layla Glenn
Age: 25
Occupation: Pokemon Trainer
Hails from: Unova
Specializes in: Ghost/Ice
Love Interest: Lance (from Pkmn Adventures)


Personality: Layla was once a rather quiet, reserved, and at times, cheerful young woman. When Genesis attacked, her world was shattered. She became determined to fight back.

Because of her anger, she slipped up and was forced into serving those of Genesis. At first, she protested and would attempt to fight back. Due to this 'acting out', she was beaten by whoever 'owned' her at the time. This act slowly made her submissive and fearful of those who she worked under.

Her cheerful personality has been buried under emotional weight and fear. She is more submissive now, flinching at raised voices and the lightest of touches.

Hisory: Layla once attempted to fight Genesis. This lead to her downfall and thrown into a form of slavery under those of Genesis. She has suffered beatings and emotional trauma. Layla has long stopped attempting to fight back, too afraid of the pain she has endured to gain the will and continue fighting.

She has been passed from one member to another, complaints of her being too rebellious. Most of these rumors are false however there is on need for an excuse for her to endure a beating.

She has now been passed into Lance's hands. Layla has no inkling of what to expect however, she has no intention to attempt fighting or rebelling any longer.

Pokemon Team:

Currently out of her grasp. Whereabouts currently unknown.

Glaceon Male; Nickname Nasim; Serious Nature
Chandelure Female; Nickname Cindra; Calm Nature
Froslass Female; Nickname Clio; Adamant Nature
Rotom Genderless; Nickname Ceratos; Lax Nature
Weavile Male; Nickname Crux; Quirky Nature
Beartic Female; Nickname Oracle; Quiet Nature


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PKMN Character Sheet: Layla Glenn
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