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 Kamibashi, Raimei (Bleach oc)

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PostSubject: Kamibashi, Raimei (Bleach oc)   Tue Jan 15, 2013 11:31 pm

Name (Last, First): Kamibashi Raimei

Kanji: 神様橋 雷鳴

Meaning: Her family name means Heavenly Bridge, and her given name means Lightning

Nicknames: Rai

Age: 19

Race: Shinigami

Birthday: 13, April

Zodiac: Ram

Blood Type: AB

Education: Shinigami academy, her own training after graduation, texts and works available through her family's large library.

Personality: Raimei, often just called Rai, is witty and very sarcastic. She can come off as arrogant and rude to people she first meets, but she has a level head under it all. She can see the bigger picture, and often works toward that, forsaking her own goals and ambitions for the greater good. Raimei has an immature, joking attitude that only wavers in serious times of trouble. She offers valuable insight when she's not acting like a kid. Raimei does however, know when to stop acting childish and focus. Her relationship with her Zanpaku-to is very good as well, and she often converses with him in her alone time.

Appearance: Raimei has the looks of a ninteen or so young lady, with short hair that touches the end of her neck at it's longest point in the front, and gets about half way through her neck at it's shortest. It's a dark brown colour. Her eyes are a light blue colour.. She has a fair skin tone and is kind of on the short side, just breaking five feet and four inches. And she weighs 97 pounds.

Clothes: Raimei wears a red hoody, black shirt, and dull green pants. along with black shoes, when in her gigai. She also wears a baseball cap some times, that's black and white. She also wears black fingerless gloves on occasion. She also totes around a messenger bag when she goes out. It's a tan colour.

When out of her gigai she wears the standard Shinigami kimono.

17 Months after Aizen's defeat Raimei has given up her jacket, and black shirt for a white one with sleeves to her elbows, which are black. It says snapshot on the front in blue letters. She also wears shorts now, although they're the same colour as her pants. Her hair's also longer, now able to be kept in a pony tail. It goes about to her shoulders now, but is slightly shorter where it's closest to her face.

History: Raimei comes from a well off family, and has one sibling. A younger twin brother called Raijin. The two began training to become shinigami unofficially shortly after their third birthday. So when they got to the academy they quickly finished, jumping four years ahead of their classmates and finishing at the age of ten years old. However, they weren't to be seated as officers until they were fourteen. Their family kept them from a seated rank, and continued their training privately. Soon the Raimei mastered Shikai, and began Bankai training. Raijin however, continued having trouble activating Shikai. Raimei made it to the third division, and replaced Makoto Kibune for third seat when he was killed. Raijin was placed in fifth chair Eighth Division.

Raimei and her brother continued training with the family, and studying their history as well. One of them was going to become head of the family some day, so they both worked hard to prove themselves worthy. Raimei was very attached to her brother, and often smothered him with affection, and was very over protective of him. So at age seventeen, when she heard of a mission he and a few other low ranking grunts were sent, she was enraged. The mission detailed taking down several powerful hollows. Her brother had still not mastered Shikai, and in a rage she forced her way in to the world of the living. She dispatched the hollows with her Shikai, and brought her brother back safely. However the his captain was not pleased with this and confronted Raimei. A fight broke out between the two, resulting in injuries on both sides.

The Central 46 determined that she had attacked a captain, and thus would need to be punished. The verdict was imprisonment, however Raimei slipped out of the Soul Society, and in to the world of the living unnoticed. She met up with Kisuke shortly after her arrival. And he got her a Gigai. Now she lives and works in his shop, doing odd jobs and such, as well as training. She reached Bankai just before Aizen left the Soul Society at eighteen.


Her Zanpakuto is called Taishin Namazu-o, and it takes the shape of a slim Katana when not in Shikai or Bankai.


The activation call is "quake", and when activated it turns in to a Bo staff which she can use to fracture the ground and send rocks flying at her opponent, or just duke it out with her Bo staff.


"Raise mountains and Split seas Taishin Namazu-o" is her Zanpaku-to's Bankai name. Taishin Namazu-o turns in to a pair of brass knuckles, which she uses to hit the earth with, this creates fissures, earthquakes, and sends rocks flying toward her opponent. She also fights close range with hitting, and with the blade it has at the ends facing outward, can stab and slice at close range as well. Her speed is also increased exponentially, and as is her strength. When activating Bankai a surge of Reiatsu causes a small crater where she's standing and sends rocks flying in all directions.

Zanpakuto spirit


Taishin Namazu-o is an energetic Zanpaku-to. Like Raimei he is very cocky and arrogant, and the two ego's compliment each other. He also enjoys having fun, and being relaxed, but like Raimei knows when to get serious. He cares a lot for his partner, and the two talk a lot through meditation. He's gets restless though, and to keep him happy Raimei has to use Bankai at least once a week so he doesn't get antsy and start ignoring her. They two get along well though, and regard each other as best friends as well as partners.


When in his world Taishin Namazu-o takes on the form of a large catfish with the Tao symbol of Yang on his forehead. They both assume that Raijin's Zanpaku-to would have Yin on it's forehead because they are twins, and as such so are the Zanpaku-to as they are manifest of the Shinigami's soul. The catfish is blue in colour, but has gold eyes.

When in a human form Taishin Namazu-o has light blue hair and gold eyes. He wears a Light Blue Montsuki with light brown Hakama pants, and a light blue Haori. It has gold rings on the sleeves, and has on the back the kanji for catfish in gold. He also has gil like marking on his neck, and locks of hair that are longer than the rest up front, like catfish whiskers.


Wonderland and Sheep's Song:

Crush: Renji. Noba.

Everyone, all of us, comes together

And now there's a family of hundreds.
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Kamibashi, Raimei (Bleach oc)
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