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 Araeto Thesus (Homestuck oc)

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PostSubject: Araeto Thesus (Homestuck oc)   Wed Jan 16, 2013 12:09 am

Name: Araeto

Last Name: Thesus

Age: 6 sweeps

Gender: female

Trollian Handle: apothetaeUnleashed

Typing Quirk: She never capitalizes her 'd' and 'l' (Defeat and loss), however the rest of her words are capitalized. She also uses -[=== before her sentences, which is her sword, and ends her words with '=', the end of her sword.


Blood Colour: Purple.

Opinion on Hemospectrum: Araeto quite likes the Hemospectrum. It keeps the strong where they should be, and weak under them. However she has seen some cases where those low on the spectrum could make a bigger impact than those high on it. (Summoner's rebellion being the foremost example she likes to point out). But in general she has no qualms with it.

Power: No psychic powers to speak of. How ever like most high bloods, she's aggressive, and has long stamina that lasts her through strifes.

Fetch Modus: Araeto uses the Sparta modus. It's her first modus and so far her favorite out of all the ones she's attained (Which is about three). It works by having a set number of captchalogue cards that can't be altered in number. For her, it's seven. When she fills these cards, and tries to pick up another one, the card that serves the least amount of purpose to her at the time (determined by the Modus), gets booted, and she is unable to captchalogue it again.

Strife Specibus: claymorekind

Dersite/Prospitian: Dersite

Personality: Araeto is a violent troll. She often charges head first in to things, and usually winds up getting hut because of it. However, with a high pain threshold, she can still keep going, and enjoy doing so. As such she has numerous scars in various places from strifes and the occasional violent FLARP. Despite being reckless and violent, she really does care for her friends, how ever few they may be. She also takes romantic interests in trolls stronger than her. It's an infatuation thing that never goes really far however, and she winds up having flush crushes out the wazoo, especially on older trolls who's battle feats reached Alternia.

Special quirks/Habits: She actually starts chewing on things if she gets nervous. She tries to hide it of course, as to not come off weak, but if something's freaking her out, or unsettling, she'll begin chewing on what ever she can get. Which occasionally may be her knuckle or something.

Likes: She really likes fighting, which is obvious by now. It's been a thing for her ever since she was a grub, one that would go around biting what ever came with in reach, save for her lussus. She also likes collecting historic memorabilia, especially weapon ones. The majority of her weapons have been in some kind of Alternian war or another. And she idolizes the Subjugglators. They're the best of the best, keeping everyone below them in check. And she wants nothing more than to join them, and is counting the days until she gets old enough to.

Dislikes: People who run from fights (This should be obvious. No one likes a quitter, especially Araeto), Weaklings (It's less of a dislike, and more of an annoyance. She wants to push them to get better, and stronger so they can fend for themselves, but when she tries, she usually winds up accidentally killing them. Or getting fed up with them and killing them out of annoyance), her Lussus (They have a strained relationship. Again it's not quite a dislike, but she doesn't like her very much ether. It teeters on the edge of like and dislike.)

Interests: Weapon collecting (It's a hobby), fighting, training, strifing with other trolls, occasionally FLARPing with other trolls (Sometimes you need to practice outside of a strife where it's easy to run away)


Appearance: Her symbol is Charon, a Pluto moon and trainer of Hercules ( ) Araeto has short black hair, slightly layered and going to just above the bottom of her neck. It's kept in a pony tail, with some 'side' locks falling off the side of the pony tail. Her hair that isn't kept in the pony tail is usually messy. She wears a fitted black T-shirt with her sign on it, in Purple. And dark grey capri pants, as well as Purple shoes. She also wears a sword belt, in which she keeps her precious Claymorekind Strife Specibus, and black fingerless gloves. Her skin is grey, and her eyes are mostly Yellow, although they're beginning to tint Purple. Her horns are in the shape of laurels that have been cut in half in the middle, and stand up vertically on her head..

Biography/Past: Before playing this game, she lived on Alternia with her Lussus, Eaglemom. Once she pupated Araeto was forced to immediately begin fighting. Her spartan lussus required her to do so, or Araeto would become dinner. Her hive was like a Greek temple, however she lived in the chambers under it. Her past was relatively uneventful, although she did meet Vriska in a FLARP session once. Her FLARP partner got killed before her though, and Araeto didn't get eaten because of it.

Lusus : Araeto has a strained relation ship with her Lussus Eaglemom. As it's name describes Eaglemom is a large eagle, capable of hunting both lussus, and young trolls for it's meals. She had a spartan way of raising Araeto, putting her through many tests as a young grub and continued up until she herself was killed in one of those trials, and is at fault for giving Araeto her love of violence and fighting. However, these trials made Araeto bitter toward her lussus, because she constantly feels the need to prove herself worthy of having her lussus, and wonders why Eaglemom can't just be happy with her daughter. Araeto is fully aware of how hypocritical this sounds, but doesn't bring it up to her lussus, because she worries she'll just fly off for good this time. Araeto is glad she doesn't have to be feeding her lussus like some other trolls have to do, Eaglemom often goes hunting for weeks at a time, coming back fully fed and ready to throw another seemingly impossible task at her daughter, but Araeto does miss her lussus when she's gone. During a trial, Araeto accidentally broke a pillar in her hive, causing it to fall and crush Eaglemom.

Love interest: Gamzee Makara

Title: Knight of Rage

Planet: Land of Storms and Ire

You are ARAETO THESUS, and you thank the mirthful messiahs everyday for your BLOOD COLOUR. Because of your HIGH AND MIGHTY blood colour, you will one day join the ranks of the SUBJUGGLATORS, the Empress's personal army. You've been practicing quite literally your ENTIRE LIFE, thanks to your hard ass lussus EAGLEMOM, who seems to enjoy THROWING IMPOSSIBLE BULLSHIT CHALLENGES at you when ever she's home. Your hobbies and pass times include and are in fact limited to, FIGHTING, TRAINING, FLARPING, MORE FIGHTING, and wait guys MORE FIGHTING. You collect HISTORICAL MEMORABILIA especially weapons used in GREAT ALTERNIAN WARS, and have numerous flush crushes on GREAT ALTERNIAN WAR HEROS. It's almost pathetic really. Your troll tag is apothetaeUnleashed and you speak -]===WITH AN EXTREMElY COMANdING VOICE THAT dEMANdS EVERYONE'S FUCKING ATTENTION, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW. CAUSE YOU HAVE A BONE TO PICK WITH THESE SORRY SHIT STAINS.=

Everyone, all of us, comes together

And now there's a family of hundreds.
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Araeto Thesus (Homestuck oc)
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