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Gently Entangled

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 Gallio Thesus (Homestuck oc)

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PostSubject: Gallio Thesus (Homestuck oc)   Wed Jan 16, 2013 12:19 am

Name: Gallio

Last Name: Thesus

Age: 8 sweeps

Gender: female

Trollian Handle: UNKNOWN

Typing Quirk: She starts her sentences with (!) like a thought bubble, And ends her post with (...) as if to wonder what else she could say. It confuses people. She also uses '.' to put em.pha.sis. on important words. She types with correct grammar and syntax, however tends to use passive voice a lot (think yoda almost. Instead of the I threw the ball, passive voice would be 'the ball I thew'

-Example: (!)As we played the game, do you think that had we taken another look at our team, and tried to re.con.cile our differences, that we would have been able to claim the ul.ti.mate re.ward?(..)

Blood Colour: Purple. (I refer to sea dwellers as Violet and Tyrian like the music albums do. So Purple would be at Gamzee's blood level)

Opinion on Hemospectrum: She dislikes it because of the stigma it placed on her as an unfit highblood. Although in Beforus the need to be strong and violent had long since passed, society still expected stronger and more fit trolls to be at the top. Not some sickly book worm excuse for a purple blood.

Power: No psychic powers to speak of.

Fetch Modus: UNKNOWN

Strife Specibus: bookkind

Dersite/Prospitian: Dersite

Personality: Gallio is thoughtful, and curious. She has a thirst for knowledge that will never end, even after her death she continues to look for new information regarding anything. Her favourite topic being philosophy. Especially ones by Troll Voltaire, who advocated a hemospectrum free environment where all trolls were equal. Such radical ideas! She was well on her way to becoming a well known philosopher, had she not played SGRUB. However, she feels like she is a disappointment to her ancestor and her blood because of her disinterest in fighting, even though the need for fighting and wars had long since been ended. Because she's a frail troll, she felt like she couldn't properly live up to the image projected by her ancestor and her blood caste, and had a lot of confidence issues because of it. In a way she's thankful for the social order of Beforus, because had she been born on Alternia, she would have been killed on the spot for being too weak.

Special quirks/Habits: She stares off in to space often, and will ramble a lot on topics that she's really interested in, or gets really embarrassed about.

Likes: She's enamored with books and literature, and idolizes her ancestor, she likes collecting old books and manuscripts from forgotten and possibly forbidden libraries and reading them, she also enjoys thinking, and coming up with new radical ideas which would result in censorship should they be published.

Dislikes: She dislikes fighting, violence, needless blood shed, The hemospectrum idea in general, and her own weakness.

Interests: Reading, writing, thinking, chatting via chat client (not sure if they have those of Beforus, but I'll just keep this here for now)



Appearance: Her symbol is Charon, a Pluto moon and trainer of Hercules. Gallio has long black hair, about to her lower back, and olive branch horns that together make a U shape from her head. (split the U in half and we have her horns.) She wears a black T-shirt with Purple cuffs, and a black sweatshirt with her symbol on it in Purple. She also wears dark grey pants and purple shoes. She also wore a Purple and grey striped scarf around her neck, since she needed to keep warm to avoid getting sick.

Biography/Past: Because of the books available to her on Beforus, Gallio learned much about her ancestor, a great and powerful warrior who fought and won many battles in the name of the violent empire still in place during her time. Inspired by her, Gallio started trying to spar, but quickly learned she had no talent for it. For a purple blood she was very weak, not even being able to pick up her ancestor's lightest claymore. She was also frail, and got sick very easily. So she began reading. This sparked a whole new interest for her, and so began her unending hunger for knowledge. When the Sgrub session was about to start, she got in last minute, and through that game was hoping to finally be worthy of her blood and her ancestor. However, she was one of the first trolls to die, but reached god-tier because of Kankri putting her body on her quest bed.

Lusus: Gallio had literally no relationship with her lussus past her wriggler stage. Her giant eagle lussus was hell bent on a spartan way of life for Gallio, but she constantly got sick, or hurt, or both. So her mom eventually gave up. She took longer and longer trips from the Hive, and Gallio wouldn't see her for months at a time. And when they did meet it was always the old spheel of "Where did I go wrong" and "What am I supposed to do with you" as well as "You're such a disappointment to your ancester / blood". However, in the dream bubbles Gallio seems to have reconciled with her dream lussus. They seem to get along well.

Love interest: Cronus Ampora // Kankri Vantas

Title: Sylph of rage

Planet: Land of fools and passion

Everyone, all of us, comes together

And now there's a family of hundreds.
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Gallio Thesus (Homestuck oc)
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