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 Golden Sun Sheet: Sheena

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Rekka Pop

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PostSubject: Golden Sun Sheet: Sheena   Thu Jan 17, 2013 11:59 pm

Name: Sheena
Age: 16
Love Interest: Ivan

Element: Fire
Control: Sheena has an odd amount of control over her element and its powers. Cursed as she is her power behind her element is rather weak in her most natural form - the form that she was born in - though she has a greater mastery over how to use her abilities when in this form. When in her accursed form, that of a small animal, her elemental power grows exponentially however she has no grasp of how to control it in this form. Because of this this power can backfire on herself if she is not careful or tries to do too much at one time.

Personality: At first Sheena comes across as closed off, reserved. She does her best not to lose her temper, embarrassed by the cursed form that had been placed on her since childhood due to her own fault. She has a has a hard time growing close to others because of this and when she does lose her temper and changes Sheena will run off in embarrassment if allowed to.

Despite this she can be shy, this trait hidden beneath the demeanor she displays most often. She tends to rebuke anyone's insistence that she might need help, embarrassed by this fact. Sheena likes to believe that she can handle her own and thus will attempt to do just that despite how much she might have bitten off to begin with.

Impulsive and a little reckless Sheena will run off at the drop of the hat. She enjoys a good adventure but has a tendency to get lost on the way and into even more adventures. She can be missing for weeks on end before she comes stumbling upon civilization, half-starved and covered in minor injuries.

Despite her tendencies, if she sits down and thinks Sheena can prove to be very intelligent. The problem being she does not often do this, instead preferring to rush in head-first.

History: As a child she had quite a temper. She would often slam doors or just get unnecessarily quiet as she fumed and nothing could be done to reign it in. That is, until she ran into the wrong person and had lost her temper because of it.

She ran off to fume in a nearby room alone when she slammed the door in the face of a powerful man - what kind of powers he had at his full disposal is a mystery upon Sheena, even now - and he placed a curse on her. At any point that she would lose her temper her form would change into that of a strange animal's not seen in the world to date. The man explained to the young girl that she would only revert back once she calmed and that this was a way to help her reign it in and to punish her for being such a brat to those that did not deserve it.

Because of this she grew up trying to get a hold on this temper of hers. She still has troubles with it though she likes to think that she has a better handle on it than she did as a child.

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Golden Sun Sheet: Sheena
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