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Sorry if this has been annoying you guys on here. But I needed this off my chest.

So you guys might know I had a problem with a stalker recently, and it came to an end a few days ago. Here's what I found about this guy.

It turns out that I did know him from somewhere. His name is Josh and he was in my English class. I'd never spoken to him personally, or even sat by him so I don't know where he found his strange obsession, or how he even found out I had a boyfriend because I don't put that stuff on facebook, nor did I friend him. Regardless he sent threatening text messages, and even stole things from me.

On Thursday I had to stay late after school for a band thing, and I went down to the near by gas station alone to get some food. He caught me there and tried attacking me. Had someone pulling out of the gas station not seen it and stopped him I probably wouldn't have been here. I got away with little physical injuries, save for a pretty nasty cut on my arm that needed stitches and a busted up knee. I won't bother you guys with the psychological strains. But I will say this, I can't sleep, I'm always looking behind my shoulder, and I can't go anywhere with out a can of mace with in arm's reach of me, I still sleep close to a knife, and have checked my doors and windows at least three times in the past hour.

Josh is as far as I know still in police custody, and will probably be charged with aggravated assault (because he used a knife), and attempted kidnapping (because that's what he tried doing), and possible attempted rape and/or murder (going by what those text messages I gave to the police said, it probably would have been both)

I hope he realizes what he did to me. I'm never going to be able to go outside with out my can of mace. Or feel comfortable not looking over my shoulder. Even now I don't feel comfortable being on my own. I go to walk across the street to a gas station and I almost get killed.

The stuff he sent me in the mail? They're gone. I shipped it straight to the police. And told them to destroy it after it's been used it they could. I'm never going to see it again. And I never want to. I've taken at least 20 showers from then and now, and threw away the cloths he grabbed that I was wearing. I even cut the hair he grabbed. But I still can't get his disgusting hands off me. Just them touching my cloths and hair makes me feel disgusting. I just ... EUGH!

I know he'll never read this, but I want to say it anyway, get is off my chest.

I hate him. No. I LOATH him. I never did anything to deserve this psychological torture that he put me through. I don't know how many texts he sent me, despite my change in number, detailing exactly what he would DO to me once he got his hands on me. He even told me what he would do with my BODY once he was done with me. And if that one lady hadn't saved me I'd be in a ditch somewhere right now. I haven't slept more than three hours in the past four days and have been at the police station and psychologist more than I want to in my entire life. I never want to see him ever again, and I wish he could get put away for life for this. He'll be 18 by the time his first hearing takes place (I was told his birthday is the 18th of Febuary, which amazes me. How could someone so young try to do something like this?) so I hope they try him as an adult, and his prison inmates do the same thing to him he would have done to me.

To end, I want to say this. If you're even in the same situation as me, NEVER go anywhere alone. That's what got me. And seek help immediately. Notify your friends, family, teachers, and anyone you can trust. Use the buddy system.

(sorry for not putting it under a spoiler tag, but I think this is pretty fucking amazing.)

Goldy has been amazing though. He hasn't left me alone since the police dismissed me the first time. (not including the times they called me back in for questioning and Psychologist appointments) It amazes me, because we haven't even been dating that long (not even two months) and I kind of expected him to bail after hearing about my parents dying (because who likes girls with baggage) and even more so with the whole stalker incident. But he's still here. (like literally here, he's snoring away on the bottom bunk of my bed) And it really amazes me how much he cares about some socially awkward Homestuck geek lacking two parents and any friends with in 100 miles. who just moved in from the Land of Country Music and Bible Thumpers (Texas). He even doesn't mind me gushing about our relationship under the spoiler tag here! (but I'll still call him Goldy in case he doesn't want his name out there anymore than it already is)

I couldn't ask for a better boyfriend. Or friends really. Winter Formal was tonight and Me, Goldy and our Four other friends were supposed to go as a group to the dance, but I freaked out and couldn't go. So they came over to my house and we watched movies and played video games in our classy winter formal duds. It kind of turned in to a sleep over though because the weather turned nasty and they couldn't get home in the down pour. I feel bad that I only have a bunk bed though, three of them had to take the floor.

I could write an entire blog on all the stuff they've done for me since this happened. I've gotten so much love from them, and my band. I don't feel like I really deserve any of it. Literally, as soon as they got the news they were waiting at the hospital for me to come out from getting checked out. (My friends and Goldy that is)

It's simply amazing. The amount of support I've received from people I have only known since August, and the amount of support I've gotten on this site. I don't particularly believe in any God but it all just seems too good to be true. It's like my family nearly doubled in size since joining the site, and moving to California. It's amazing.

I'm just so glad it's over. Even if it was brief, I never want this to happen again.

Everyone, all of us, comes together

And now there's a family of hundreds.
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Resolution :: Comments

Rekka Pop
Re: Resolution
Post on Sun Feb 10, 2013 12:26 pm by Rekka Pop
Hey, chicka-dee, I'm really sorry to hear about all the trauma you've had to go through with that dirt-bag. But at least you know where he's at now and he can't get at ya and you know how to be safer than sorry. And it sounds like you have some really supportive friends and a boyfriend - I'd say you should just sit back and be happy about that fact.
Re: Resolution
Post on Sun Feb 10, 2013 12:37 pm by Mystery
Hello, Tyriant. I apologize for all of the events and trouble you had to go through because of that one individual. At least he is being kept by the police now, and you have your friends and boyfriend at your side. Though all I can say is that it's better to not dwell on it, and to just remember that you aren't alone. Like Fang said you should be happy about this fact, and know that you'll be safe now.

"No one knows what the future holds. That's why its potential is infinite."

I am sure things will get better for you.
Re: Resolution
Post on Sun Feb 10, 2013 9:03 pm by Rinko
I'm glad that they caught him finally and he's out of the way. It's a huge weight off of the shoulders, I'm sure, and I hope it doesn't happen again for you. But, you always have support from everybody with you like your boyfriend and from us on here! So, like Miyu said, relax; you deserve it after all of that! Though, I wish you luck on a successful recovery.
Re: Resolution
Post on Thu Feb 14, 2013 1:40 pm by NavyReservist
heres a thought that you can take or leave it.

I give you my condolences for having suffered such trauma I also know that such condolences only go so far! An idea to help you would be undergoing self defense classes as well as some form of support! After doing so you may feel somewhat better! Things can never go back to how they were for you I'm sorry to say I should know but you can get close to feeling safe. Dreams may come at you with a vengeance but if you bow to them then this fellow has one. Your a brave person I am sure you will get through this with the support of those who care for you and you trust!
Re: Resolution
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