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 Wolf's Rain [Character Sheet] {Jadedatten}

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Okami Yammi

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PostSubject: Wolf's Rain [Character Sheet] {Jadedatten}   Sun Feb 17, 2013 2:34 pm

Name|Jadedatten (翡翠)

|Name Meaning|Kingfisher (a type of bird)


|Canine Breed|German Shepherd-husky-wolf mix, pretty much a half-breed mutt

|Age|Manga: 6 years. Anime: 15 years. In an Alternate Universe or More To The Story-Verse: About 24 years.


|Status|[Depends on how the role play works out] Alive/Deceased

|History|Jade was born to a domestic wolf mother and wild dog father. Her mother was killed when a criminal broke into their owner’s home looking for money. However, this takes place before the world’s end. Jade was shot in the leg when pulling her mother to safety, she wasn’t aware her mother was dead as she yanked and pulled on her mother’s ear. She was soon traumatized as a puppy after witnessing her mother’s death, and quickly went to her mother’s owner to train as a police dog. She was given a regular black dog collar with a gold buckle and has kept it around her neck as she grew older. A few weeks later, they tracked the criminal to Freeze City before the end of the world began. They soon caught their man, Jade, however fled when she heard the distinct howl of her father.

She left her owner and began to live on her own, joining her father’s wild dog pack a short time later. Her father was killed a few months later when fighting a white wolf, which turned out to be Kiba the wolf. However, Jade did not know this. It didn’t take long for the end of the world to come. Jade was put in charge of what was left of Mubaku’s pack. Jade and her comrades soon headed back to Freeze City to terrorize stray dogs, yet still claim the mountains as theirs. In the Manga, Jade is 6 years by this time. Yet, in the Anime, Jade is 15 years.

Believe it or not, Jade plays a supporting role in the story. An antagonist turned good, and has changed her ways to overcome the battle with Darcia.

My Own Cannon-

In so-called “later years”, Jade is about 24 years old and is missing her left eye, part of her left ear, and is mostly blind in both eyes. She would end up dying of old age two years later, with her son Tenshi being about 4 years old by then. Tenshi would end up a 3rd Generation Leader, as Jade was a 2nd Generation Leader.

|Parents|Father: German Shepherd-Husky mix named Mubaku who was a wild dog. Mother: A grey wolf named Yurimaru, born tame. Both Parents are deceased.

|Theme Song|
FIRE - Takayuki Miyauchi

|Brothers & Sisters|Two brothers; Kisa (deceased) & Gintora (alive). Two unnamed sisters [both deceased]

|Children & Grandchildren|Two Daughters who are unnamed, three sons, two are unnamed and one is called Tenshi. Grandchildren are Tenshi’s sons and daughters. Jadedatten’s mate is unknown and presumed deceased.

|Personality|Jade does not use a human disguise, and gets by with her “stray dog” look alone to walk among humans. Being that Jade was born as the runt of the litter, she is quite smaller and thinner than most German shepherd-wolf-husky mixes – yet still packs a bite and is very strong, will and physical strength included. Because of her parent’s deaths, she had developed a small case of PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder); which makes her a bit jumpy and unwilling to trust. She expresses disgust in the four wolves trying to find “paradise”. However, when she is confronted by Lord Darcia, she expresses pure hatred toward him. Truthfully, Jade is an egomaniac willing to kill to get her way. Her second in command, minions, and pack follow her loyally.

|Love Interest|Tsume, or no one at all

Moved to Starry Eyed Writers, feel free to follow us there! <3
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Wolf's Rain [Character Sheet] {Jadedatten}
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