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Gently Entangled

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 Avengers oc Yuri Leonov

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PostSubject: Avengers oc Yuri Leonov   Thu Feb 21, 2013 6:47 am

First Name: Yuri

Surname: Leonov

Code Name: Prometheus

Gender: Female

Race: Caucasian

Species: Human

Birthday: March 20 1990

Age: 22

Zodiac: Aries-Pisces cusp

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Nationality: Russian

Skin Tone: Fair

Height: 5' 6"

Weight: 119 lbs

Blood Type: AB

General looks: (not working)


Languages: English / Russian

Right Handed or Left Handed?: Left

Special Abilities: She can animate things such as small dead animals (mice and birds up to common dogs like labs or Shepherds.), animates clay sculptures, models, toys, and drawings that she either owns or makes. Can manipulate memories in to said animated objects and give them personalities. However she needs to have an emotional connection to them, which means she either had to make them, or own them for a long time. She can't reanimate humans, or create humans.

Weapons: Her reanimated creatures / a pair of pistols she keeps on her holster-belt / proficiency in hand to hand combat / various other types of scope and/or range rifles

Personality: Yuri is relatively friendly, and is pretty good to hold a conversation with. She has a good disposition and once she warms up to her surroundings she has no problems chatting with other people for brief amounts of time. However she's incredibly literal in her words, and figures of speech are lost on her. (It's raining cats and dogs? Impossible. There are no cats or dogs falling from the sky). She speaks with little accent, but you can still hear the Russian in her with a few words, especially ones that stress the 'w' sound. She also doesn't use contractions in her speech, and is quick to point out a grammatical error in writing, or when someone is talking. She cares greatly for the things she animates, because of the emotional bond she has to have with them in order to animate them, and feels genuine sadness when one of them is broken beyond repair, or dies. Yuri follows orders from her superiors with out question, regardless if she believes it to be right. However because of experiences with reanimating or creating humans with her powers, that will be the one thing she refuses to do. She also gets very angry at cruel treatment or derogatory mention of her creations. She's skilled in long range firearms, and prides herself on her good aim, and quick kills.


Mother: Ivana Leonov (Age 48, Alive)
Step-Father: Jack Richards (Age 50, alive)
Brother: Joseph Richards (Her half brother Age 4, alive)
Sister: None
Any Other Relatives?: No important ones.
Pet: N/A

Love Interest: Captain America // Steve Rogers

Birth town: Moscow, Russia
Backstory: Yuri was born in a poor family in Moscow, after her mother had an affair with an American business man. Her mother's family refuses to speak to her, and forced Ivana to live on her own with the baby Yuri. The two had a hard life until Yuri's powers were discovered. When Yuri was six she made a snow figure, a tiny one that resembled a toy soldier. Yuri animated it by cupping it in her hands and kissing it. She showed it to her mother, and thus began her career as a street performer, animating her toys, clay figures, and even mice that lived in her home.

The Government soon heard about this child, and kidnapped her. They forced her to hone her powers and go through extensive training on the art of assassination to be used in many under cover operations. She was captured by Shield at seventeen while she tried escaping from a failed mission, and she was taken back to one of their bases where after much begging on her part was allowed to join their ranks to protect her life, for fear of being captured again by the Russian government sect that controlled her, and being punished by them for botching the mission. She also bargained for her mother's life, and she was smuggled out of Russia. She's been there ever since, and uses the resources available to her to keep tabs on her mother, who married an American man that ironically works for her father.


Theme Song(s):


Everyone, all of us, comes together

And now there's a family of hundreds.
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Avengers oc Yuri Leonov
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