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 |PKMN| Strange Disasters |Open RP|

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PokéPartner :
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PostSubject: |PKMN| Strange Disasters |Open RP|   Fri Feb 22, 2013 9:49 pm

Back Story: Peaceful days have fallen over the regions. No one has made attempts to take over or crush any region. The peaceful years are coming to an end.

Natural disasters are befalling the regions. Hoenn is hit the hardest and there is no explanation as to why. These disasters have been so destructive, residents in certain cities have been evacuated into safer cities or even moved to other regions. Very few citizen have decided to stay, hoping that whatever has befallen their homes will pass.

These disasters refuse to pass however. Legendary Pokemon are the cause, taking human form and are trying to take back their home from human rule. They refuse to stop until every human is gone.

Region: Hoenn
Season: Summer
Opposing: None

Additional Rules

1. Please make a character sheet before you join up in this rp. It helps others understand your characters motives and gives others something to work with rather than just running in blind and hoping that everyone will agree with your character.

2. Like C O R R U P T I O N and Our Destinies, this rp could be rather dark given the situation the characters would be in. I would much prefer it if anyone joining stick with that theme. It really helps flesh out a serious form of not only an rp, but a serious story as well.

3. No Legendaries. At least, not off the bat. This is unfair to other users to use legendary Pokemon when, in this specific rp, most would be captured and or hidden away due to the threats at hand.

4. Rping canon characters is allowed. Whether these be someone else's love interest or simply inserting these characters to help further the story (because the canon character would be heavily involved in this particular rp).

5. Respect your fellow rpers. If they have a love interest, rp that character for them. Don't insult them subtly through your character. Don't ignore them. Don't make them feel left out. If I catch this going on, I will bump you out of the rp.

6. Please make sure you follow the original Role Playing rules, listed out here. They stand just as strong as these rules. Learn them and respect them if you want to stay in this rp.

Alida wandered the wood quietly. The nervous woman knew she shouldn't be out here, not when the disasters were falling upon Hoenn. Beside her, a Roserade she had fondly named 'Calyx' stuck by her side. She had been raising grass type Pokemon since she a Shroomish had kept her company over the night some neighborhood boys abandoned her in thick woods as a child.

Her Pokemon, so in tune to nature, oftentimes let her know of these oncoming disasters before she could even fathom they were coming. It was the only reason she took the risk of walking from one city to the next, especially to cut through the woods.

Alida had always been a sheepish, quiet, woman. Part of her even thought she was taking a great risk crossing the woods, let alone her Pokemon. She would have traveled by air, if it wasn't for high winds blowing through, tangling her long hair.

She heaved a sigh, pushing her hood back. It fell neatly at her shoulders as she glanced about. So far, nothing had happened that had sparked any worry. She was cautious however and often flinched at little noises, if not stop completely.

Whatever was happening within her region as well as others, she wondered if it would pass quickly.

Part of her wasn't so sure. Alida did her best to endure it. She didn't want to leave her home behind because of this. It seemed it would only be a matter of time.


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TK Baha
TK Baha

Posts : 136
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Location : Suffering w/ otome

PostSubject: Re: |PKMN| Strange Disasters |Open RP|   Fri Feb 22, 2013 10:35 pm

Annabel stuck herself in one of her self-dug, tiny caves and
worked silently; hersafety helmet replaced her usual beret as she silently picked
at the tough wall. Although, it was sad to say that it had been safer inside
than outside. This would have to work as a camp for now, through the hope that
the walls would not collapse and leave her and her dear Torterra, which was
nicknamed Sally, to dig themselves right back out. That just would never do.

Annabel, whom was referred to as Anna by basically everyone, was
known to be a risk-taker, unknowing of most risks or more, uncaring. She lived
her days with smiles as she sing-songly skipped through life, but that was no
longer. There was no storm outside, but that would more than likely be brief.
Or perhaps a sudden drought would hit. The weather had been unpredictable and
Anna didn’t like it. It was too unpredictable for her to be completely
comfortable in an unfamiliar territory.

It almost made her regret picking Hoenn to travel to after finishing
touring her home region of Sinnoh. Almost.

“Sally, dear, looks like we may be staying here for a while.
Welp, we should just keep diggin’!” She chirped, trying to stay positive.

Of course, this was still an adventure, but something really was
odd about this whole thing. These storms were… rather unnatural. Anna could
just… Well, actually, her Pokémon could tell. Anna would label anything as
typical until her Pokémon tried to motion otherwise.

Anna knew that she couldn’t stick to a mini-cave forever though.
Sally wouldn’t like it, because the risk of cave in would become grander by the
day, and Anna so wanted to see more of Hoenn. “Oh dear…” She sighed, “Well-y well,
I just need to make sure I safely time it!”

She wondered though. Was this temporary..? Or was someone or
something being an influence? After all, Sinnoh legends had some beyond the ‘norm’
ideas. Was this really much farther off than those..?
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PokéPartner :
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Location : Hoenn Region

PostSubject: Re: |PKMN| Strange Disasters |Open RP|   Sat Feb 23, 2013 1:46 pm

Alida stopped briefly as a particularly large gust of wind blew passed. She brushed her hair from her face, tangling in her fingers. Pulling her hood back up, she hoped it would help. These winds were not common in Hoenn, that much she knew. It was more like when a large storm hit the coast, heavy winds blowing inland.

She'd heard no rumors of an on coming storm. So why such drastic winds? Alida could not be sure.

Glancing down at Calyx, she reached out and patted his head. The Pokemon didn't seem alarmed and she knew that she had little to worry about. Still, overhead, the branches of the trees creaked and complained, unused to this kind of abuse.

"We'd better hurry..." she spoke up, pushing her hair out of her face. "Before one of the trees goes down..."

Alida knew that her worries were rather far fetched. More days then not, that was always the case. She practiced caution however, found that it was the best for her. She didn't enjoy being caught off guard or in any forms of danger. Alida didn't care for pain, never had.

She heaved a sigh, picking up her pace a little. The next city was still far off, even as she bravd a short cut. Alida no longer stopped to seek shelter in caves, even as she glanced at one as she passed. There had been earthquakes and stories of people being trapped inside.

She wanted to avoid that situation at all costs, if she was able to.


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TK Baha
TK Baha

Posts : 136
Reputation : 24
Location : Suffering w/ otome

PostSubject: Re: |PKMN| Strange Disasters |Open RP|   Sat Feb 23, 2013 5:58 pm

The winds outside were sudden and not to Anna’s amusement at all. It very well could lead to a tree collapse, and that could ultimately mean a cave in. That was never fun. Anna remembered last time she had been in a cave in. It took hours of digging and hard breathing. It really sucked, because she and her father really did nearly die.The mines were dangerous, but Anna would forever love them dearly.

But to the winds, though. Even if Sally wasn’t showing complete concern for the winds, Anna could see the uncomfortable shifts that Sally gave, which then caused her to leave the cave. She climbed up on Sally’s back and hugged close. The winds were chilling and Anna’s patchwork dress was a little… thinner than recommended in this sort of weather.

Anna really didn’t care though, because as long as Sally seemed a little happier, it would be fine. With the knowledge that the next city was somewhat far away, Anna and Sally had to move swift yet careful. There was no telling what dangers lay about.

The poor Pokémon, the smaller ones, were becoming more violent. The wild ones, they seemed to jump more at humans and at other tamed Pokémon.

“Sally dear, incoming…” Anna said, noticing the gleaming eyes of a Mightyena. “Olsen, sweetie, let’s get you out as defense!” Anna said. The little Makuhita was new to her team, but she had found it in a cave and its digging strength? Perfect.

Anna focused on one roadblock to the next, but she never focused on the big picture. It was up to what she noticed, and that’s how she was content on going about it.

Yet, the wind picked up still.


“Lord Arceus, are you positive that this will halt the humans progress?”

“Yes, I am, Rayquaza. I know the humans better than any of you. The human are weak and bend to the forces of nature. If nature begins to constantly work against them, they will never get a single thing done,” said Arceus, looking down at Rayquaza, who consistently glanced out to the storm forming sky. In a matter of moments, the storm would be detectable to the ‘lesser’ Pokémon and it would begin to spread, enveloping all of this side of the Pokémon World. Tornadus and Thundurus would cover Unova, or so Rayquaza assumed. However, these stormy skies were never fun to fly in. Rayquaza wanted to clear these skies, but only could when Arceus gave the okay. If that was ever going to come anymore. There were little prices to pay to gain the land back from the humans.

“I am through babying those destructive beasts. They do not hold us highly anymore, and they no longer give us the respect we deserve. We have left our clues of our past and what we have done for these… minor beings and they ignore it.”

Chuckling, Groudon punched one thick hand into his other ‘open’ palm. “As long as thatwhale gives me a calm spot, I’ll make the earthquakes desired.”

A small, floating ‘human’ shook his head, “Groudon… Humans are actually fond of water. When you go on the study search, you have to play the part.”

“Jirachi, humans don’t float.”

Closed eyes stayed shut as Jirachi yawned. Groudon continued, “I say I just go on a wipe out spree now. Get rid of some humans now and they’ll be less later, right?”

“Groudon, keep calm through this all and we shall prevail. We must be careful to reveal ourselves. Even in our human forms, some of the smaller Pokémon can recognize our presence. For now, we take no chance until the humans are shaken more. The time will come.”

Frowning, Groudon glared up at Arceus, before rolling his eyes, “Fine, fine. Let me roll with my secluded destruction then.

More disasters, here they come.
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PokéPartner :
Posts : 2579
Reputation : 125
Location : Hoenn Region

PostSubject: Re: |PKMN| Strange Disasters |Open RP|   Mon Feb 25, 2013 5:28 pm

Alida flinched as the sound of a tree hitting the ground resonated around the woods. The wind chilled steadily, an unnatural thing for the region. It never cooled in Hoenn. Mild days were even muggy and warm. She had never felt this kind of chill around her.

Fearing that the cold air would do little to help Calyx, she recalled the grass type to replace him with another. Cindra, her Sawsbuck, was more fitting for this kind of weather. The Sawsbuck seemed alarmed the the change in the air. They had all grown used to the normal heat of Hoenn. Now, it was no longer as such.

Alida grew alarmed as even the leaves on Cindra's antlers seemed to suffer from the cold, changing as if the season itself had. It was not quick but some withered, turning a light brown.

She gnawed at the inside of her mouth, patting Cindra's side as the Sawsbuck looked around the area. It wasn't so uncommon at this point for the weather to be taking a turn but even this unnerved the Pokemon a little.

She tried to put all of these worries aside, pulling herself onto the Sawsbuck's back. Cindra would be able to dodge around debris easier this way. Even if the next city was further off, making it through in a run would get her there faster. She didn't trust this weather nor the trees above them.

"Come on," she urged the Sawsbuck, patting her side. "The sooner were out of this, the sooner we can figure out what to do."

Cindra snorted in response to her words, taking a few steady steps before falling into a steady trot. She wanted to remain careful, Alida knew, especially with the branches overhead. Alida kept an eye out as well, for anything or anyone within the thick foliage. If there were others out here, the least she could manage was direct them toward the nearest city.


Barry shielded his eyes as a gust of wind brushed passed him. Traveling from Sinnoh to Hoenn, he had expected this region to have fared better. Even here, the temperature was sporadic and dipped heavily. Sinnoh had done the same as well as the other regions.

People weren't sure of what to do. Very few were brave enough to find the solution. Some weren't making it back. There was so much worry for what might happen going about that Barry couldn't stand it anymore.

He decided to track down answers himself.

There was little that could have stopped him at this point. He'd always been a tad on the over confident side but didn't mind it. He always backed up what he said, or at least, that's how he viewed it. Nothing slowed him down, at least, not until now.

Barry wasn't sure why he felt an unfamiliar sense of worry running through him with the drastic change. Ordinarily this would have been welcome. In fact, this was so different, he probably would have celebrated it. The main problem was people were getting hurt, some even dying in these disasters. No one could over look the seriousness of these issues, not even him.

Barry picked up his pace as he heard a tree crash toward the ground. The winds weren't dying down, no matter how much he wished them to. This region wasn't built for high winds, after all.

Glancing around the area, he gaze fell onto some movement. It wasn't long before he could make out a person wandering the area as well. Barry felt a sense of relief run through him and he ran in the direction the young woman was headed. A hand waved at this woman desperately, even though her back was turned. The other clutched onto the strap of his bag.

"Hey!" he called out. "Wait up! Come on, I'm normally the one ahead of everyone else!"

Barry did his best to appear friendly, not to put her off, as he fell into step with her. He didn't want to scare her off what with how he acted. Some people didn't care for his rambunctious attitude at times.

"Where ya headed?" he inquired, falling into step with her. "I'm Barry, by the way. You from this region?"

The words fell from his mouth, one after another with little pause. Barry liked to get things done as quickly as possible, get ahead of things when he was able. It was how he had always been. He saw no reason to change, even now.

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TK Baha
TK Baha

Posts : 136
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PostSubject: Re: |PKMN| Strange Disasters |Open RP|   Sat Mar 09, 2013 10:25 pm

Things weren’t quite right in Hoenn. The oceans weren’t follow suit with the usual perfection they had. The seas were always something to watch, that was what Wallace’s mentor, Juan, said. Yes, the oceans would tell you if something was wrong with the region. This was especially true in a region where seas and, well, the ocean ruled. It was a simple conclusion that Wallace could make.

Hoenn was in trouble.

“Milotic, let’s go,” he whispered, and Milotic nodded. Taking grip, the duo dived and left Sootopolis, holding his breath and watching how the Pokémon reacted to the oceans’ offbeat movements. There had to be a reason for it; nature was usually nicer, and something like this hadn’t happened since the Hoenn Crisis, where Team Manga and Team Aqua pitted the Land Titan and the Sea Titan against each other, but this… was almost worst.

Odd, Wallace thought as he and Milotic surfaced outside of the city. This is not
what I was expecting…
From Sootopolis, people could barely see to outside’s sky, just a glimmer of it, but Wallace knew it wasn’t this stormy when he dove in to leave the city. Not exactly his cup of tea, the stormy oceans weren’t perfect to deal with, but Wallace knew how to handle the ocean and water Pokémon. A quick stop in Pacifdlog could him a local speed up on the oceans’ state – if there were still people brave enough to stay in these rough waters - and then it would be off to the main land to talk to his fellow league members. Things were getting serious.

It would take long to reach the small ocean-based town, but stormy waters tossed and turned even the bravest men on their trusty Pokémon. The way these storms seemed to be suddenly commencing wasn’t normal – it was a fishy way to storm over these oceans, no pun intended.

Wallace was easily able to keep his composure, for Milotic to keep calm and because there was no reason to lose his calm attitude even when there were issues about him. Calm leads to clarity and clarity leads to thoughtfulness.


Anna did her very best to combat the wind from messing with her completely. It was an unfortunate task, because Sally seemed to be shaken from little… Was she sensing earthquakes, in the ground? Perhaps these were precursors to a major one?

No matter, this cold, chilling weather reminded her of Sinnoh. Cold was typical to Sinnoh’s snow-capped mountains and even the accompanying lower lands below. Yes, Sinnoh was a chilling land, but this was ridiculous.

Taking her scarf out of her pack and laying turning to face behind Sally as she sat on the Torterra’s back, she wrapped her scarf around her neck, sliding it under her amber hair, and sigh, trying to relax. She was curious, but getting worked up about this wouldn’t solve anything. She would stay calm until she could think it all through.

It was her style, and she was comfortable with it, completely. “Sally dear, are you alright? I can walk now, if you want to rest from the cold in your Pokeball.”

“Torrrr,” Sally said, shaking her head lightly.

“Alrighty-right, if you say so!” Anna smiled slightly, giving a small giggle. She glanced around, then faced front again, “Thankies, Sally~! I do wonder how far it is until the city though…”

Hearing someone call to another, she simply ignored it at first, but blinked when she noticed someone walking beside her and Sally out of the corner of her eye. “He-li-o? …Hello?” She said, facing him while wrapping her arms around Sally’s neck for grip. “Oh, I’m in such a hurry to get to the next city…” She sighed, even Sally was going at a rather quick pace, but the boy kept up well. “I am Anna. I’m not from around here at all! This cold reminds me of my home region – I thought it was supposed to be warm here!”


Groudon was glad to be causing earthly destruction. He had found a spot where tremors would spread across the land and shake it all. And he was out of the rain from Kyogre’s storm. And away from seeing ‘her’ face. His resentment towards her was evident, but working with her was necessary. Groudon thought it sucked, but it would do to endure. Taking back the land he helped create was all that truly mattered, as sad as he was to admit that.

Arceus, however, ticked at Groudon’s resentment and basically had him work harder. He had to be willing to work with the annoying whale of a female, and that was that.

It was difficult being ‘God’ that was Arceus’ conclusion. He had been ‘God’ since the literal beginning of time, space, and emotions, creating everything as a paradise and these humans he had trusted had begun to bring it to ruin. In his eyes, at least. The humans deserved punishment, and they would receive it. They were receiving it. Arceus was leading his trusted allies and his subordinates to retake the world. He would retake Ransei, the region of his likeness. He would retake Sinnoh, Unova, Johto, Kanto, and all the lands between them. He would retake Hoenn as well, letting Groudon and Kyogre begin the human collapse, even when Rayquaza was distastefully staring out the window of his PokeHeaven’s room.
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PostSubject: Re: |PKMN| Strange Disasters |Open RP|   

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|PKMN| Strange Disasters |Open RP|
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