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 Avengers RP Character Sheet: Willow Knight

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PostSubject: Avengers RP Character Sheet: Willow Knight   Sun Mar 10, 2013 10:06 pm

Name: Willow Knight

Age: 26

Occupation: Horse Trainer/Riding Instructor

Weaponry: ---

Love Interest: Loki or Bucky Barnes


Personality: Typically rather soft spoken, Willow does not like to put herself out there. She doesn't care for big crowds or people in general most days, very uncomfortable with the majority of them. Because of this fact, she's always been a solitary person and preferred country life over city life.

When she is unhappy, she does make it know. She'll either shut people out or lose what hold on her temper that she has. Normally rather calm, those who witness any form of rage from her are normally rather surprised to witness it.

Willow likes the company of animals; not because their love is unconditional, but mostly because they have been there to comfort her more often than any person has. Despite her lack of social ability with most people, she likes to think that she is patient and understanding toward those she's grown close to, when her mood fits it.

She is easily hurt and emotionally sensitive. Some do not catch onto this fact right away. In hindsight, she can be a bit of a coward and doesn't like others getting hurt, much less herself. She cares deeply for those around her, especially for that of her animals, and holds them to her dearly.

History: Due to emotional abuse from her step father, Willow has trouble trusting most people. She left home to make her own life, working as a stable hand and attempting to live within her means. It took quite some time before she got off on her own completely.

She opened her own little business, helping other train horses and learn how to ride. She enjoys what she does and doesn't plan on having anything change soon.

Once in a great while, she comes to the city with friends. She's never cared for the city and for good reason. Too many people, too many dangers that could be hidden in plain sight. A night out might turn into more trouble than it's worth.

Regardless of her discomforts, she manages with what she can and is proud of what she's accomplished throughout her life.

Open For: Group or One-on-One RPs.

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Avengers RP Character Sheet: Willow Knight
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