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 Mass Effect: Beryl King

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Rekka Pop

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PostSubject: Mass Effect: Beryl King   Fri Mar 15, 2013 9:46 pm

———————————✘Basic Information✘———————————


Beryl King






Ex-Alliance Officer, assassin/mercenary






Tactical Cloak, Overload, Incinerate, Sticky Grenade

Preferred Weaponry

Sniper rifles, pistols

———————————✘Appearance Information✘———————————

Hair Color and Style

Lank brown hair that is usually left as is, hanging down past her shoulders and framing her face. Her bangs are long enough to fall into her eyes more times than not though it doesn't seem to bother her much.


Violet-colored and often with a far-off or thoughtful look to them if she is caught on her own. Otherwise they are usually hidden in the shadows by the hood on her outfit.

Skin Tone and Complexion

Fair-skinned Beryl has a few notable scars dotting her body though none are large enough to draw attention to them thanks to modern medical advances.

Height, Weight, Figure

Standing a few inches over five feet Beryl is a dainty thing who had to consume double rats to make it through her short career in the Alliance. She bruises easily and because of this she can often have a multitude of them over her arms and legs. Even in these days she is quite underweight, not considered healthy by any means because of it.

Clothing Style

Easy to move in clothes, usually with a hood attached. More out of habit than anything else she usually has said hood drawn up over her head, masking her face from view as best she can with the shadows it provides. Dark colors are a must with her line of work though she seems to favor dark grays and reds in combination with each other.

Scars, Tattoos and Piercings

As stated above, Beryl has several small scars that litter her body from years of working first in the Alliance and then as an assassin and mercenary. None are too noticeable upon passing glances and Beryl oftentimes forget that they are even there anymore.

———————————✘Personality Information✘———————————

She can be quite reckless, not realizing that anyone may care enough about her to lose sleep over her well-being. Despite her being a rather large 'softie' Beryl can have quite an attitude. She also has a great love for battle and can often be heard cheering over the sound of gunfire over a successful headshot.

Due to her current job as an assassin Beryl has become much more in-tune with her inner child. Because of this she can come across as innocent, despite the fact that she has and can kill. She can be quite possessive and protective of what she deems as hers, doing what she can to keep them going, even just a little bit longer.

More times than not Beryl can be quite overbearing, not knowing when to pull back with her attitude or possessiveness. Most of this comes from a deep-seated need to be loved and yet convinced that she will not receive any such thing. Instead she pushes it away into the back of her mind and if she is even aware of this need Beryl does not show it.


She quite likes listening to music and dancing, though if she's any good at the latter is up to debate. Reading and watching horror movies is also high up on her list of likes though she doesn't always get the chance to indulge anymore. Watching the stars pass while traveling from one place to another is also a hobby Beryl has long since taking up, seemingly taking some sort of comfort from the sight of it.


Crowds of people can easy ride on Beryl's nerves and so she likes to avoid them unless otherwise using them to blend in and acquire information or slip away from others unseen. Loud noises can often grate on her nerves as well, causing her to leave if things get too noisy for her liking.


Beryl doesn't put much stock into any talents she may have. She's long since become focused on keeping herself strong and healthy enough to continue her job as it is now.

She does draw though what she draws is often hidden away or trashed immediately after its finished being sketched. A lack of motivation or otherwise keeps Beryl from actively finishing anything she starts.


Beryl can often be too blunt for her own good, ruining potential relationships with others because she says whatever she thinks at the drop of a hat. Likewise she has the habit nowadays of messing around with people, teasing and goading them which often ruins any sort of want they might have to get to know her. In a way she is self-sabotaging in that regard, pushing away any who might become close to her despite craving love and intimacy from others.

———————————✘Relationship Information✘———————————




Many can be considered her enemy if only due to her attitude and her line of work.

Love Interest

Thane Krios

———————————✘Biographical Information✘———————————


Beryl was born on Earth, but she never knew her parents. A child of the streets, she learned to live by her wits and guts, surviving in the hidden underbelly of the megatropolises of humanity's home world.

Eager to find a better life, she joined the Alliance military when she came of age. Beryl volunteered for one of the more dangerous expeditions, traveling out in a then un-mapped region of space with a small squad. Whatever happened for sure is a mystery as Beryl refuses to talk about it. In fact by all accounts she seems to have repressed the situation.

It was soon after this that she was discharged due to her more eccentric and childish personality coming to a head. Gone was the mature, serious Beryl that had risen in the ranks. It wasn't long after that Beryl took to assassination to earn her keep.


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Rekka Pop

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Posts : 2138
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PostSubject: Re: Mass Effect: Beryl King   Fri Jun 28, 2013 2:38 am

06.28.2013 Updated Beryl's history and personality.

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Mass Effect: Beryl King
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