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 RE: Hatter

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PostSubject: RE: Hatter   Wed Apr 10, 2013 4:25 pm

———————————✘Basic Information✘———————————


Maya Hunt




U.S.S., Wonderland Squad





Preferred Weaponry

Combat knife, Anti-material rifle clip holds 10 rounds, 'night'-scope attached, MP-AF clip holds 30 rounds, modified handgun with a larger magazine, can fire single shot or full-auto, Riot gun 7-round semi-auto, decent range and accuracy, slow reload

———————————✘Appearance Information✘———————————

Hair Color and Style

Shoulder length brown hair, her bangs able to fall into her face if she does not keep them tucked back behind her ears. They still find their way there, however.


Sharp hazel eyes though they are very expressive, just as Hatter is.

Skin Tone and Complexion

She's not too pale or too tanned, fitting some place between the two unless she is stuck indoors or outdoors for too long. Her complexion is fairly clear, if only because she does not always have the opportunity to indulge in fast food and soda as often as she would like.

Height, Weight, Figure

She's at a healthy weight for her height, a light muscle tone to her arms due to hefting about weapons and training.

Clothing Style

Hatter seems to prefer muscle shirts combined with jackets and a pair of jeans and boots. Very rarely does she have a need to deviate from this though occasionally a button up top replaces the jacket depending on the weather. If she's merely relaxing she's more likely to just sit around in whatever she happened to wake up in.

Scars, Tattoos and Piercings

She has a tattoo on her upper back though it is hidden from view with her clothes.

———————————✘Personality Information✘———————————

Hatter likes to keep private matters secret and isn't always the most trusting. Enjoying risks and the adrenaline it pumps through her she'll try anything once and without hesitation, seemingly fearless. Hatter is extremely strong-willed and enjoys getting reactions out of others.

While she does have a serious side, Hatter tends to show her playful side more often than not. It has become an expectation of her in recent years and instead of dealing with questions day in and out about if she is feeling well or not she instead keeps up that attitude, even if she'd like nothing more than to just sit back and keep to herself. She enjoys keeping most details about herself hidden away, leaving others guessing. She does have a tendency to harass others, especially those she is fond of. Despite all of this she proves to be dependable and will not go against her word. Unexpected bouts of spontaneity are a given with her and she can be difficult to handle making it difficult for her to stay attached to many people.

If she deems someone on a lower level than herself than Hatter won't put up with them for long but if she is serious about something she becomes intense, focusing on it and it alone until it's achieved. She can occasionally be spiteful but it usually passes and she likes to do things at her own pace without others rushing her or dragging her away from her activities. She may not like to admit it but she enjoys being praised and adored.

Rough around the edges, Hatter can easily draw people in, shedding her tougher exterior to show a more charming and outgoing person. She typically hides this part of her away unless absolutely necessary to get something done. She can be rather forceful when things don't go the way she needs them to, however.


Every so often she quite likes rough housing though very rarely does anyone wish to indulge other then Beltway. Despite her attitude she does enjoy quieter activities as well, reading when everyone else has gone to bed and she can't sleep. She also listens to quite a bit of music, as well. For the most part Hatter enjoys just moving from place to place with no set rules to follow attached.


Boring, everyday lifestyles get on Hatter's nerves. If things become too routine she can often grow sulky and hard to work with. When she has a quiet moment to sink back into a more serious side of herself Hatter finds she hates loud noises, driving her up a wall. Likewise she seems to need these times to herself to do so, allowing herself to 'recharge' so to speak.

She greatly dislikes being taken for granted or shoved into the background in favor of another's abilities. She absolutely cannot tolerate being ignored and wants to be recognized as an individual among her peers.


She's a natural on the battlefield, able to exert self-control not seen elsewhere in her demeanor. Hatter has some writing skill though she never finishes anything she starts unless it's some sort of a short story. She like to dabble in horror elements thought whether she succeeds is anyone's best guess. She typically hides these stories away on her laptop as it is, unread by others.


Hatter can be quite pushy, often attempting to get others to do what she wants much to their annoyance. Likewise her temper can easily escalate, reacting verbally or physically without much thought to what might happen if she acts out. This alone has gotten her into many situations that could have easily been avoided if she'd exercised any sort of self-control on the matter. She has a habit of being quite resentful of authority figures, which has been what landed her into trouble in her training for the military to begin with.

———————————✘Relationship Information✘———————————




{to be announced}

Love Interest

Vladimir Bodrovski i.e. Spectre

———————————✘Biographical Information✘———————————


A military brat, Hatter was expected to follow in her family's footsteps and join up in a branch of the military. This did not seem to sit well with her, one who doesn't quite enjoy being squished under rules and regulations at all times. Even growing up she displayed a rebellious attitude towards this. No sooner then she had signed up for joining the army she had been kicked out weeks later, claiming homicidal tendencies toward other recruits to do so. Discharged she went back to her life, doing what she wanted despite the call to pick up a firearm for some purpose or another.

It wasn't until Umbrella contacted her, claiming she had qualities they were searching for for their U.S.S. squads. Eager to join in some sort of a fight Hatter decided to go for it, growing a little resentful to her employees when she was kept on a short leash for her lack of restraint and discipline. Despite this she soldiered on, honing her skills and making a name for herself among the U.S.S. ranks.

When Raccoon City hit her team was wiped out by a pack of Hunters, leaving her to scramble and locate Wolfpack to aid in their mission and pass along what recon information she had obtained. After that she strayed from Umbrella, having left Wolfpack and her there to die at one point, spurned by their lack of action to keep them alive.

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RE: Hatter
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