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 RE Character Sheet: Trishka Huntson

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Rekka Pop

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PostSubject: RE Character Sheet: Trishka Huntson   Sun May 19, 2013 10:25 pm

Name: Trishka Huntson
Age: 28
Race/Nationality: Caucasian/American
Occupation: n/a
Love Interest: Nicholai Ginovaef
Preferred Weaponry: Rifle, handgun, shotgun


Personality: Hot-headed and stubborn what Trishka wants she wants. Any number of times she is told “no” only strengthens her drives to do whatever she’s got planned. The things that have happened have done little to dull this tendency in her though she has a better check over her anger even if she does grow frustrated easily. She has a tendency to be a little too gleeful when it comes to slaying the undead and the mutated creatures that appear from time to time. Occasionally this tendency transfers to those that push her buttons too much or to those that threaten or impose on those she begins to grow attached to before she leaves.

Trishka can be sarcastic and rather thinks of herself first over others, other than whatever occasional 'pet' she picks up along her travels. Despite this she can be quite flirtatious and can have a rather dark sense of humor. In a way it’s her way of coping with things that happen. When prodded about her past or herself she tends to divert attention or skirt around questions. Occasionally she looks for the opportunity to have a brief, more intimate situation with men if they suit her tastes though only when things are safe and there is no danger of being caught off guard. More often than not the opportunities don’t get fulfilled or the idea escapes Trishka’s mind until later.

Callous as she is there is a soft spot, hidden away. Since the ‘end of the world’ no one has had the chance to see it, though some have tried to pry apart her tougher shell. Trishka never tries to act like a good person in front of others, always her same fickle, if a little unbalanced self no matter who is around to see. Despite it all, she can still see the beauty in the world and often shoots down the way others think for her own way of looking at things.

History: Kidnapped at a young age, Trishka has no bearing on what is normal and what is not. The only thing she knows is the more brutal, cruel sides of people and this is what she comes to expect with a bitter acceptance. Even still she has not lost the ability to see the beauty in things and to see from a different perspective than what others would.

She has been used by Umbrella as a test subject, her blood carrying antibodies that can be used to the virus that spread with her escape. This was not an intentional decision on Trishka's part, only focused on getting away and seeing the world for herself. Now Umbrella has an A.P.B. out on her for many of their remaining operatives to bring her back to use her to cultivate her blood of its antibodies for a cure. Incentives are offered for anyone that does succeed in bringing her in to the gated Umbrella bases that still remain.

Not only is she in danger of the infected this makes her a prime target for anyone who wants some sort of personal gain or reward being offered for her return. Trishka does her best to avoid this well aware that the possibility of going back could spell her death.

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RE Character Sheet: Trishka Huntson
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