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Gently Entangled

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 PKMN Character Sheet: Snow Mayer

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PostSubject: PKMN Character Sheet: Snow Mayer   Fri May 24, 2013 9:48 pm

||Basic Data||

|| Name ||

Snow Mayer

|| Alias ||


|| Date of Birth ||

November 21st

|| Age ||


|| Region of Birth ||


|| Sexual Orientation ||


|| Personal Data ||

|| Personality ||

Snow is a rather cheerful person who brushes most things off easily. She focuses on better things and tries not to let negative emotions bring her down. When that happens, she prefers to sort herself out alone, so as to not harm anyone around her. She feels a lot of guilt when this happens, due to knowing her behavior is irrational but is unable to stop it.

Other than a few foul moods sneaking up on her now and again, Snow rather likes to talk. She likes to meet people, have a chat or share common interests. She somewhat relies on the company of others and rather likes companions now and again.

Her travels have taken her to many places. She doesn't like to leave people behind. Even with her Pokemon's company, she admits that she can become a little lonesome.

She has a bad habit of countering most people's foul moods with sarcasm. Due to this, some have been put off by her personality. She truly has some good intentions at heart but more times then not, can be effected by negative opinions and openly shows her distaste. As open as she is, some don't quite care to share her sentiments.

|| Backstory ||

Wanting to document legendary Pokemon, Snow has been traveling the regions and attempting to capture most through her camera. She doesn't believe in capturing the Pokemon themselves. Seeing and admiring them from afar is enough for her. Sharing these sightings with others is what brings her joy.

She and her Pokemon have had some experience in tracking these Pokemon down. It's been a tough road and at times, she would become frustrated with her occupation. Regardless, she carried on hoping to catch more.

Snow now travels through Sinnoh, hoping to document strange and legendary Pokemon within the region itself.

|| Occupation ||

Pokemon Trainer, Photographer

|| Relationship Status ||

Currently single, Snow really hasn't been looking for a significant other. She mostly focused on her work, more travelling than anything else.

Due to this, she has decided that if someone wants to stay with her, friends or otherwise, she would be happy.

|| Hobbies ||

Most of her hobbies circulate around her work. She loves taking pictures as well as delving into the myths and legends of Pokemon.

She likes to people watch as well, when she's in the city.

Picking out people's emotions, whether they care for it or not is a hobby she's rather fond of. Again, some express being put off by this.

|| Stats ||

Determination: 6/10

Brashness: 3/10

Social Skills: 7/10

Battling Skills: 5/10

Luck: 4/10

|| Behavior Traits ||

|| Nature ||

A young woman who is determined to capture the images of rare and legendary Pokemon. Little sways her in this goal.

|| Face ||

Often smiling, Snow always shows an endless kind of optimism.

|| Strengths ||

Her own optimism and her determination is her strength.

|| Weaknesses ||

|| Habits ||

She has a bad habit of taking pictures of people when they look most natural. Due to this, some have been put off by what she does, feeling as if she should ask permission first.

When in deep thought or bored, she toys with her hair. It's been a habit that she's carried with her since she was a child.

|| Talents ||

Her 'talent', per-say, is taking pictures. She's worked hard in trying to learn how to capture beautiful moments with her camera as well as the rare and legendary Pokemon.

|| Fears ||

She is ironically terrified of being alone. This fear has not run too deep because she's always around people at some point or another.

However, her fear is more or less stemmed on ending up alone. Having no one to turn to when she needs them the most. She fears that hollow feeling and rather avoids it as much as she can.

|| Relationships ||

|| Parents ||

Mother - Ivory Mayer

Father - Lee Mayer

|| Siblings ||


|| Love Interest(s) ||


|| Friends ||

Coming soon

|| Rivals ||

Due to not being a competitive battler, she doesn't really have anyone who she considers a 'rival'. Even other photographers aren't rivals to her.

|| Appearance ||

|| Hair Color//Style ||

Snow's hair is a white, not so much pure but white enough that it catches notice. Because of her white hair, she was given the name Snow, though she often expresses contempt to it, calling it a bad joke.

Her hair is wild and unkept, mostly due to not caring about it. She tends to have more things to focus on then her appearance and doesn't mind that she might look a little wild.

|| Skin Tone ||

She has a fair tone despite being in the sun most of the time. Because she's mostly covered, she avoids getting tan.

|| Eye Color//Shape ||

Snow's eyes are a dull purple. Her eye are rather large, though have a lazy and lax look to them.

|| Height ||

Five foot, six inches

|| Weight ||

One hundred and fifty three pounds

|| Defining Facial Features ||

Mostly just her lax expression or a lazy smile. Snow doesn't express shock so much or surprise. However, she does express her excitement and lights up more when expressing her interests.

|| Clothing Style ||

Snow's clothing style is rather sloppy, wearing a tank top and an overly large black jacket over that. She wears normal blue jeans that look rather worn. They have some tears in them, but not so bad that Snow has felt like replacing them.

Her clothing is rather sloppy and worn but she's never bothered by it. Traveling as she does, it's something that she simply accepts happens.

|| Makeup ||


|| Accessories ||


|| Scars ||

Has a dull scar on her arm. She got this one from getting too close to a territorial Pokemon attempting to get a picture. She's since learned from her mistakes.

|| Piercings//Tattoos ||


|| Team Information ||

|| Main Team ||

( Duster ) Pidgeot | Male | Flying | Brave Nature
( Epona ) Rapidash | Female | Fire | Docile Nature
( Yorda ) Marowak | Female | Ground | Lonely Nature
( Tehanu ) Ninetales | Male | Fire | Adamant Nature
( Virtue ) Dodrio | Female | Flying | Lax Nature
( Lutece ) Girafarig | Male | Psychic | Sassy Nature

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PKMN Character Sheet: Snow Mayer
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