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Gently Entangled

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 AC Character Sheet: Matilda Mathers

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Rekka Pop

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PostSubject: AC Character Sheet: Matilda Mathers   Fri Jun 07, 2013 9:33 pm

||Basic Information||


Matilda Mathers


Sixteen-years-old (at the start)





Preferred Weaponry

bow and arrows, throwing knives, rope darts, daggers


Hair Color and Style

Wavy in nature it often gets rather bushy in humid weather. Her bangs frame her face, often falling over the right eye if they grow too long, much to her annoyance. It's brown in color though has faded to an almost blonde at the tips over time.


Dark brown though she often expresses distaste for the color of them.

Skin Tone and Complexion

Her chin and nose are often littered with small black heads if she does not wash her face enough. Matilda has fair colored skin that tans quickly if she's outside enough in the summer.


She's a scrawny girl that has a hard time keeping weight on, because of this she's often unhappy with her appearance finding her hands, wrists and hip bones rather disgusting as to how bony they are. Her hips are wider than her chest size though she doesn't seem to mind this too much, happy with how her chest at least looks.

Clothing Style

Matilda prefers things that are comfortable to wear, for her this means having no sleeves if she can help it or if she must have sleeves for them to be baggier. She's a fan of accessories, often liking bracelets or necklaces though she's been quite taken with utilizing feathers in her style. She also has a tendency to run about either barefooted or with boots on.


She has her ears pierced through rarely wears any earrings.


Rather quiet to start, Matilda can grow attached quickly if she finds she rather likes someone. She's a rather easy-going individual though that's not to say she's not without some moodiness. If she feels she's been belittled or insulted she will grow angry, giving the cold shoulder to whoever enacted this mood. On occasion she's been known to give the cold shoulder to someone over the course of several days.

Despite the fact that she doesn't at all look very intimidating she does have a way with people. When on her best behavior many have a hard time not taking a shine to her. Not to say it's due to any sort of perfection, no, it's more the way that she attempts to sound charming, often times stumbling over what she's attempting to say either out of nerves or by talking too fast. This often loosens others up, seeing no need to be wary around her with a rather klutzy demeanor.

Matilda can be very generous, sometimes too much so, giving what she can when asked. She is also highly tenacious, striving to get whatever she's got her eye on at the time. Whenever she’s told ‘no’ she has an even worse stubborn streak than before, working to do whatever it is she wanted to anyways.


She often gnaws on her lips or nibbles on her little finger's nail though never quite chews it off.


Matilda quite likes heights, climbing what she can when she has the opportunity to. She's also quite partial to swimming though she rarely gets the chance to have any free time to dedicate to it. On top of this Matilda has found that she really enjoys being out on the ocean. Traveling is also high up on her list of likes, taking the opportunity she can to see new things. In recent years she's grown more active, taking up hunting and continuing with her dancing when she can.

She'll try anything once though if she doesn't think she's any good at it she tends to drop it fairly quickly.


A few of the things that grinds on Matilda's nerves include being belittled or ignored for any reason. This is the quickest way to get on Matilda's bad side, putting her in a bad mood to boot. In return seeing the same happen to someone else gets to her quickly.


Prone to being quick to tears Matilda hates this about herself. She can get upset quite easily or feelings of being overwhelmed can cause her to grow teary-eyed. Getting too angry can also produce the same effect. At times this makes it hard to deal with other people, convinced that she cannot handle something because of it.

Easily getting attached to people can often land her into trouble as well. She can be quick to trust, however much she hates to admit that she is, and can end up trusting someone she shouldn't. More times than she cares to count she's trusted someone who was bad for her. She also has a hard time holding a grudge and will often forgive in a day or so.



Lalia Baker, Connor



Love Interest


||Background Information||


{to be announced}

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AC Character Sheet: Matilda Mathers
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