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 AC Character Sheet: Rahat

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PostSubject: AC Character Sheet: Rahat   Sat Jul 13, 2013 12:45 pm

Name: Rahat
Monikers: Misfortune's Child, Child of Misfortune
Age: Early twenties
Faction: Assassins
Preferred Weaponry: Practices knife throwing and swords play
Love Interest: Malik a-Sayf


Personality: Rahat is rather enthusiastic and determined. Having a hard life, she treats any kindness she receives with great respect. She appreciates whatever she is given.

Even so, Rahat has had a withdrawn time and can become impatient or angry. These things can become unpredictable. She does her best to recover from these moods before they get out of hand. It has been difficult on her, due to the wide berth many still give her.

If she is treated as an object rather then a person, she becomes livid. There is nothing she can think that is crueler then treating a life as if it wasn't important. Growing up being passed from hand to hand, sold for coin and paraded around as a treasure, she has become very strong about this opinion.

Regardless, Rahat believes she knows her flaws well. She prefers the A-Sayf brothers over any other company. Over time, she has grown very close to both. She has strong feelings for Malik but leaves them unmentioned, fearing that a relationship with a Child of Misfortune would be considered taboo.

History: As a child, she had touched a Piece of Eden. Days later, her hair began to change to snow white, overtaking the dark hair she was born with. Her eyes slowly turned red.

When her parents slowly discovered what she had become, they sold her, fearing that nothing good would come from raising a Child of Misfortune. Through the years, Rahat had been sold many times, passed through many hands. She has been treated as an object, viewed as nothing more then an attraction or a prize.

Over the years, she had been rescued by the Brotherhood. While these people, assassin's and the like, still give her a wide berth, she has chosen not to complain much. It took her quite some time to get used to those who showed her kindness but it was not missed.

Rahat did her best to become patient in the time she has been with the assassin's. She has become more open and understanding. She simply hopes there were be a future when they will accept her as much as she does them.

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AC Character Sheet: Rahat
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