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 RE Character Sheet: Knight

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Okami Yammi

Posts : 1811
Reputation : 89

PostSubject: RE Character Sheet: Knight   Fri Aug 16, 2013 12:16 am

Name: Hannah Buchanan

Codename: Knight

Age: 27

Race/Nationality: Caucasian/American

Occupation: U.S.S. Delta Team member, mercenary (after the events of RE2)

Love Interest: Beltway, or Leon S. Kennedy

Preferred Weaponry: Ravager (rifle), UBCS Standard Silenced (pistol)

Role: Tactical Support

Appearance: Knight wears standard UBCS uniform, as well as a mask similar to Vector's. The eye opticals are a neon green color. Her hair color is light brown, and her eye color is a sewer green. Knight has a tall and lanky appearance, as well as a female athletic build.

Personality:  Knight has a ‘take no shit’ personality, sometimes becoming too arrogant for her own good. Knight isn’t fond of Spec Ops, and takes the low way to deal with them; using the most barbaric weapons to cause a bleeding frenzy. Knight can be romantic if need be, and normally teases to an extent. She also loves to make dark, raunchy, and childish jokes. Knight often takes things out of context for a good chuckle.

History: Not much is known about Knight’s past, but she had a clear reason to come to Umbrella. Soon being recruited to Delta Team, aka; Wolfpack. Knight happens to be one of the quieter members, and is willing to take orders, no matter how senseless and unreasonable they may be. Upon first confrontation of Ada Wong, Knight is gung-ho about taking her down.

Along with the second confrontation of Leon Kennedy, and Claire Redfield, Knight finds a distaste in the two, yet, when Wolfpack ‘terminates’ their membership with Umbrella; Knight finds it in herself to have no hard feelings about the two. Even though they had tried to kill her and the others.

After the events in Re2, Knight decides to become a mercenary; running into Leon on several different occasions. By Resident Evil 6, Knight becomes one of Kennedy’s allies.

Moved to Starry Eyed Writers, feel free to follow us there! <3

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Okami Yammi

Posts : 1811
Reputation : 89

PostSubject: Re: RE Character Sheet: Knight   Wed Jan 22, 2014 11:19 pm

Because I'm gonna use Knight as a love interest for Kennedy in RE6. Because I wanna keep Knight around as much as Snowy. Those girls would have the Jake and Piers relationship of not trusting each other. XD

And they both have the same real name; so Knight'll just be called Knight. >.<

Moved to Starry Eyed Writers, feel free to follow us there! <3
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RE Character Sheet: Knight
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