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 RE Character Sheet: Leta Hayes/March Hare

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PostSubject: RE Character Sheet: Leta Hayes/March Hare   Fri Aug 16, 2013 4:01 pm

Name: Leta Hayes

Codename: March Hare

Age: 26

Race/Nationality: Caucasian/American

Squad: Umbrella Security Service, UNDERLAND

Love Interest: Lone Wolf Night Hawk

Preferred Weaponry: Assault Rifle / UBCS Standard Silenced (pistol) / Pick Ax

Role: Medic/Virologist


Personality: Leta has always been a quiet, shut in who much preferred the company of books over people. Due to this, she has trouble opening up and reaching out to others. Only when extremely curious does she open up to certain individuals. To those certain people who accept her, she becomes extremely loyal to.

Leta believes herself to be the more level headed individual of the group. She analyzes situations and does her best to make a decision based on what she sees. She is someone who is strung by her morals, thus, some find her decisions and views unfit for her work.

Despite coming to Umbrella, Leta still believes that there is some good in humanity. With that benefit of the doubt in mind, she is known as the softer member of the group, as well as the quietest.

She keeps a good hold on her temper and only wants to protest those close to her, family or comrades. Due to this, she would risk her life to protect them.

At times, Leta regrets her decisions to become a member within the Umbrella and the group she works with. However, with the desperation for money and keeping her family going, she remains in her position.

History: When Leta left her step fathers home alone with her sister and mother, they had to start over. Debts that her step father refused to pay had piled up, leaving her broken family struggling. It was under this influence did Leta approach Umbrella for work.

Since then, she has wired money to her family, keeping her work a secret. She does not want her mother to know that she's taken a dangerous job, knowing she would worry herself to death.

Leta has since then thrown herself into studies in a medical and science field, willing to participate in experiments to further the development within Umbrella as well as create ways to combat it.

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RE Character Sheet: Leta Hayes/March Hare
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