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 [RE RP] Standing on the Battlefield [Open RP]

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PostSubject: Re: [RE RP] Standing on the Battlefield [Open RP]   Fri Sep 06, 2013 10:25 pm

March Hare had stayed where she was for a few moment before she decided to head to the mess hall as well. She saw little harm in it. If anything, she wasn't bothered more times than not. If that was the case, she would simply take what she needed and leave to her room.

She hadn't made it very far when a voice rang out. She blinked, glancing back up to find Knight. The woman was calling out, waving a hand. March Hare tilted her head slightly, waiting on her to come to a halt.

March Hare was a little surprised when she thanked her. Most didn't do as such. It was all business, in and out. She'd long since gotten over the fact that thanks were few.

"I-it was nothing." She answered, waving her hand. "It's just my job."

Beltway had been surprised that Knight had gone all the way back. It wasn't often the other members thanked those within the medical field. Whatever Knight wanted, however.

He trailed behind, rubbing the back of his neck. It didn't take her long to catch back up. Beltway waited a little ways after that.

"Hurry it up, Knight!" He called out. "I'd like to see if there's gonna be any ruckus today! Been a fuckin' long time since there were any fights!"

In the very least, it would provide a bit of entertainment. He waited on Knight to trot back to his side before they started off again. He chuckled slightly.

"Never seen you so eager to give thanks." He mused as they walked. "Damn, it's like we're all goin' soft!"

A few minutes passed before they'd made it to the mess hall. Already, he could see Cheshire comforting Queen. He chuckled deeply at that. That's exactly what he needed.

"Well, looks like somethin' good is goin' down for once!"


March Hare had lingered for a brief few moments, watching as the pair left. Only then did she start down the hall again as well. She wasn't far from the mess hall as it was. Still, her heart started to pick up speed as she picked out two familiar voices.

She picked up her pace only to confirm her suspicions. Cheshire and Queen were at it. This didn't surprise her in the slightest. She waited for a brief moment, unsure of what to do.

They were apart of her squad, after all. Still, her advisory had been ignored by Queen time and time again. There was only so much that could be said.

Eventually, she moved off to at least grab something to eat. There wasn't much but something in her stomach was better then nothing at all. It was only a moment after did she pick a place off on her own, as she normally did.

Occasionally, she would glance over toward the pair, wondering how bad this confrontation would be.

Queen allowed her to speak her mind. Out of the corner of his eye, he could spy a few more coming in. March Hare was among them. He resisted a scoff at that.

"I've plenty of sense." He shot back. "And enough to know that it's a god damn hell hole out there. I can't watch everyone's backs one hundred percent of the time. If that damn well bothers you so much, find a different squad."

He waited then, only glancing at the man from WOLFPACK briefly. He wouldn't be making a move, that much Queen knew. March Hare wouldn't either, or at least he believed so.

The only problem was Cheshire. She could prove to be a headache at times. Queen could only wait to see how she might react this time.

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Rekka Pop

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PostSubject: Re: [RE RP] Standing on the Battlefield [Open RP]   Mon Sep 09, 2013 12:16 am

Cheshire's eyes narrowed as Queen spoke. Of course he'd rationalize it all away and why wouldn't he? In his head he must have thought he could do no wrong! It infuriated Cheshire greatly. How had she never said anything until now?

Her thoughts were pushed away for the time being. She could feel eyes on her--on them. No doubt they were drawing some spectators. 'Good. All the better to settle this!'

"Yes, it is a hell hole and we don't need you adding to it," she argued. "Can't watch everyone's backs? You wouldn't need to if you'd realize what your squad's strengths and weaknesses are!"

And that was the flaw, wasn't it? Red Queen had made a poor decision that only took into account what he could or couldn't do. It ended up in the demise of Dormouse and White Rabbit. No longer could Cheshire sit back silently and let it go on.

A sly look crossed her face though anger was still prevalent in her eyes. No, try as she might Cheshire wouldn't be able to hide that smoldering rage this time around.

"Or is it that you have little brains to back up... well... what is it you do have?" Cheshire pushed. "Can't be much considering there are never any women clamoring to accompany you to your room."

It was a low blow but one that might get Red Queen fired up. That's what she needed, for him to throw the first punch...

Lone Wolf shook his head, reaching for his watered down drink again. Cheshire was really at it this time. He'd heard of the last time she'd provoked someone. Something about a broken arm but she'd really done a number on the other guy in the process. He had to wonder how it would turn out this time.

He tried not to let that thought consume him. There were more important things than operatives turning on each other. Sometimes it got so routine around the base, however, that it was the only form of 'entertainment' in the world anymore.

Nearby he could spot the Hare. Lone Wolf raised a brow before turning back to his sparse meal. He hadn't gotten much. This week they were low on rations and he'd heard that even those on double rats were getting shorted.

'Looks like people are getting pumped up about it either way,' Lone Wolf noted. If any of the higher ups were nearby they either hadn't heard about the situation yet or would not stop it.

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[RE RP] Standing on the Battlefield [Open RP]
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