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 Pokemon: Kalista

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Rekka Pop

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PostSubject: Pokemon: Kalista   Mon Oct 07, 2013 6:19 pm

———————————✘Basic Information✘———————————







Home Region


Specializes in


Pokémon Team

nickname Romulus gender Male nature Bold
nickname Cyrena gender Female nature Serious
nickname Aceline gender Female nature Curious
nickname Bandit gender Male nature Lonely
nickname Jasper gender Male nature Brave

———————————✘Appearance Information✘———————————

Hair Color and Style

Mousy brown hair that's wavy in nature and reaches some point at the middle of her back. The shorter layers tend to flip out on their own even if Kalista attempts straighten it all out. Her bangs are long enough to fall in the way of her eyes as well.


Purple in color though they are usually hidden behind her glasses.

Skin Tone and Complexion

She's fair-skinned though she tans fairly easily. When she's out on the road for days she can often come back with that tan though it's usually a farmer's tan to boot.

Height, Weight, Figure

Standing at about five feet four inches Kalista has an average figure though her chest size is hidden behind her usual hoodie. She's of a healthy weight for her height though she feels she could stand to have a few more pounds if only because of all the traveling and moving around she does in life.

Clothing Style

Kalista has a noticeable preference towards tank tops and shorts or a pair of ratty pants if it's chillier outside. Her usual attire consists of a pair of boots, short shorts and a hoodie over top a sleeveless shirt. She also favors a certain necklace, even going so far as to forget to take it off to shower or sleep.

Her wardrobe is horribly outdate considering she makes little money. Because of this she can't often afford the clothes she'd like to wear unless there's a sale.

Scars, Tattoos and Piercings

Kalista has no noticeable markings though her ears are pierced. She rarely wears any earrings, however.

———————————✘Personality Information✘———————————

Someone who's more intent on furthering herself in life than to make many relationships of any sort Kalista is one to move from one place to another. A shabby little apartment remains her home for when she needs to bunker down for a rest on her travels. Kalista is stubborn in her ways, refusing to budge from any decision she's come to. It's this that keeps her tenacious, though this can often land her into sticky situations. On more than one occasion she's gotten into trouble growing up because she got some idea in her head and acted upon it.

Unintentionally rude, Kalista has a habit of speaking her mind and oftentimes to a person's face. Foul language can sometimes slip through before she realizes it as well though in recent years she's been trying to keep a handle on it. That's not to say that she is a bad person, she merely does not think before she speaks more times than not. Her lack of patience can often lead to situations where she opens her mouth before thinking and leaves her rushing into things she might otherwise struggle with.

Nonetheless, Kalista is a playful person with those she knows, often adopting a lighter tone of voice. Whether she's fully aware of just how people feel or think about her is another matter entirely. Oftentimes she seems quite oblivious to the matter when someone is crushing on her.

History: Starting her journey of sorts in pokémon school she was quick to drop out when she was able to start traveling on her own. Not one to be close to her family she relished in the chance to get out and about in the world with her starting pokémon, a Poochyena.


Kalista absolutely adores Purrloin and Poochyena and it was this that stemmed her specialization in pokémon. She enjoys traveling and is often leaving home to do just that, even if she's been all over Unova and then some in her life already.


She has a deep dislike, or rather fear, of Scolipede. Kalista does everything in her power to avoid the pokémon altogether if she can help it. She doesn't seem to enjoy being stuck in one place, instead traveling when she has the chance to though that doesn't mean she doesn't lay low in her apartment for a few weeks from time to time.


Kalista's good at training her pokémon and has quite a number of accomplishments under her belt in terms of gym and contest wins. She can't seem to figure out which one she wishes to focus on, however, and indulges in whichever one catches her attention at the time.


Because she is so stubborn and driven to finish her goals she can grow rather blind to other opportunities around her at the time. More times than not she's lost a good friend because she was too focused on what she was doing instead.  Kalista doesn't like bothering others with her problems and thus tends to hide the more serious ones so as not worry those she cares about. This can often land her into trouble and unnecessary stress if she'd merely ask for help.

———————————✘Relationship Information✘———————————





Love Interest


———————————✘Biographical Information✘———————————


Starting her journey of sorts in pokémon school she was quick to drop out when she was able to start traveling on her own. Never one to be close to her family she relished in the chance to get out and about in the world with her starting pokémon, a Poochyena.

In recent years she's had her eyes set on a certain Purrloin she'd run into. Its fur darker than the usual purple of its fellows it's drawn Kalista's attention instantly upon catching a glimpse of it. She's spent several years now seeking it out though she's had little luck in actually finding and catching it.

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Pokemon: Kalista
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