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 Pokemon OC Sheet: Aretha Hughes

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PostSubject: Pokemon OC Sheet: Aretha Hughes   Sun Oct 20, 2013 1:30 am

Name: Aretha Hughes
Age: 18
Occupation: Pokemon Trainer
Hails from: Kalos
Specializes in: Dragon Types
Love Interest: Clemont


Personality: Aretha is a bit of a free spirit. She likes to walk to her own beat and doesn't believe that anyone should influence another's decisions. For some, this view can be something that puts others off. Aretha doesn't so much mind.

Because the Kalos region is heavily influenced by the style trend, she often doesn't follow it. She comes off as a tom boy and prefers it that way. 

Despite these things, she's a rather friendly and cheerful person. Once in a while, she'll get down on herself. It's not always long before she bounces back. It takes something particularly bad to cause her to be shaken up or panicked. 

She's rather patient with people and Pokemon who are willing to give her a chance. All she really wants to make is a few good friends. 

History: She lived in the Kalos region all of her life. Due to being rather poor, she mostly had hand me down clothing. As a child, this was something that brought about attention from other girls who didn't like her 'style'. 

Aretha grew up as a tom boy due to this. She doesn't so much care about her clothing or outward appearance. She's afraid of ruining nicer clothing during her journey, with the places she treks. 

She took interest in dragon Pokemon at a young age. Stories and legends drew her attention. She became determined to train them, despite being as difficult as they could be. When she become older, she did as such, going on her own journey to find them among the region.

Aretha is still tracking and befriending dragon Pokemon. She's made many friends along the way. She's hoping to make more along the way. 

Pokemon Team:

Noivern Female; Nickname Aphrodite; Bold Nature
Dragalge Female; Nickname Bryda; Hasty Nature

Sliggoo Female; Nickname Urania ; Modest Nature
Deino Male; Nickname Ketu; Naughty Nature

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Pokemon OC Sheet: Aretha Hughes
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