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Gently Entangled

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 DBZ OC Sheet: Celia

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PostSubject: DBZ OC Sheet: Celia   Fri Nov 15, 2013 3:16 pm

----------- • Basic Information • -----------






18 years old




Manipulates her Ki to heal the wounded.

----------- • Appearance Information • -----------

Hair Color and Style

Celia's hair is cut short, just reaching above her shoulders. It's a very light blue and normally minimally done, looking choppy and unkept. Her bangs sometimes fall into her eyes, causing Celia to continually have to brush it out of her face. 


Her eyes are rather large. The color is a light olive. 

Skin Tone and Complexion

Normal Caucasian, though her skin looks a little paler. She never tanned well - mostly just burned when she was out in the sun. Due to this, she's always been careful when she's outside.

Height, Weight, and Figure

Celia stands about five foot, six inches and weighs about one hundred and fifty one pounds. 

Celia took after her mother and was taller than most other females in her family. She's always been about average in weight. 


Typically has always smelled like tea, being an avid tea drinker. None of the scents are specific due to drinking several different kinds.  

Clothing Style

Her clothing style comes off as loose and has a bit of a punk flair, wearing long, buckled boots. Her clothing isn't tight, more comfortable wearing loose fitting clothing instead. 

She's a little bit self conscious about what she wears and makes sure nothing is low cut or too revealing. She has never been one who wanted to catch attention from others, men or women.

Scars, Tattoos, and Piercings

Celia has no specific tattoos or piercings. However, she has a scar on her shoulder from falling off her bike and a long scar that runs up her leg from another bike accident.

----------- • Personality Information • -----------


Celia has always been an optimist at heart. Because of this, it often appears that she brushes things off rather easily. At times, she can. She has been a rather laid back and lax person for a long while, stemmed off from having to keep her mother and sisters hopes up.

She is however, effected easily when she panics or becomes fearful of something. Highly effected by these little things, it can send her whirling. During these times, if not counseled, she can become a bit of a worry wart

Despite this, the majority of the time, she has learned how to smile during tough times. She doesn't let herself get down too often, fearing that she will only drag others down with her.

Celia can have a bit of trouble expressing her real emotions because of this, however. Due to her smiling all of the time and appearing unshaken, venting has become difficult for her. 

When something bad happens and her smile slips, she can lose herself in a fit of emotions, normally crying until she feels better. This has been a coping method she has not been able to break. 


Sweet and salty foods, reading, star gazing, painting, writing and receiving hand written letters, her hair played with, music - specifically techno or electronic or anything featuring a violin, easy going atmospheres.


Sour and spicy foods, anger or yelling in general, uncomfortable atmosphere, awkward silences, feeling down, pessimism in general.


Has always had a bit of talent for water color painting. She has a talent for solving puzzles. Due to being a deep thinker, she likes to believe she's also decent at strategic plans.


Smiles too often, which misleads others into thinking she's alright. Has trouble conveying her own feelings. Is confident but can become stubborn when she feels that she can do something she really might not be able to. When scared or nervous, it can stop her from doing things she might actually be able to do. 

----------- • Relationship Information • -----------


Trunks, Bulma, and Monica,


Celia has never been one to hold 'grudges' in the past. Enemies were a far thought in her mind. The most she could consider to be an enemy is anyone who would try to bring harm or kill those who are important to her. 

Love Interest


----------- • Biographical Information • -----------


Growing up in a low income family, Celia had to learn how to be a little more optimistic than most. She learned how to look at the brighter side of things at a young age.

Despite this, her family split up and she had to learn how to be a provider and a bit of a hope to her mother and sister. Celia tried to do so for both her family and friends. 

Eventually, she moved out and into a small city. She had mostly spent time with Monica at this time, helping each other. They shared quite a few of the same interests and dreams though, were somewhat content in what they were able to achieve with their jobs. 

Celia still longed for something more and often wished something more exciting. The chance never seemed to come up until she woke in an abandoned and desolated city.

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DBZ OC Sheet: Celia
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