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This week's prompt is:
Gently Entangled

Next prompt set up for 6/24.

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 ACIII: Shana

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PostSubject: ACIII: Shana   Sat Nov 16, 2013 7:26 pm

———————————✘Basic Information✘———————————







Favored Weapons

Throwing knives, daggers - anything lightweight and easy for her to use.

———————————✘Appearance Information✘———————————

Hair Color and Style

Her hair is long and brown, reaching down to the middle of her back or so. It has a wavy nature to it, often to Shana's distaste. Her bangs frame her face, long enough to get into her face often. If she does not take care to wash her hair at least every other day then it can become an oily mess.


She has doe-like eyes, brown in color, which she hates. Shana will often describe her eyes as "mud colored" if asked or complimented on them.

Skin Tone and Complexion

Shana is fair-skinned though when she is out long enough she tans fairly easily. This often leaves her with obvious tan lines though Shana hardly notices them anymore.

Height, Weight, Figure

A light-weighted girl Shana often hates this about herself. She feels that if she gained another ten pounds or so she might be all boney and scrawny. Her figure isn't much to look at twice, all boney hips and an average chest size. Unless wearing anything that accentuates her chest it often goes unnoticed.

Clothing Style

Though she does like dressing up and looking pretty Shana feels silly more times than not due to the fact that she almost never gets the chance to. As such she is usually seen in a simple pair of jeans or shorts and a top. She adores wearing necklaces and bracelets though she's so small-wristed that rarely can she find any bracelts that actually fit her.

Scars, Tattoos and Piercings

Shana has no noticeable scars and no tattoos to date. She does have her ears pierced and had expressed an interest in getting her eyebrow pierced.

———————————✘Personality Information✘———————————

Shana is a fairly easy going person who's up for anything new. Though she can be quite friendly and charming when in a good mood she does suffer from moodiness off and on. Though she can get easily annoyed she's long since been able to keep her cool better than when she was preteen. Even still, if pushed too far her temper can flare into life. Despite her attitude she has a big heart and will gladly give what she can if asked. She hates seeing people wronged, feeling sickened when she witnesses it.

Stubborn to the bone it's hard to get Shana to change her mind once she's made it up, despite any misgivings she might have afterwards. If she keeps her mind on the prize she can accomplish many things. Still, she can get discouraged, setting her back longer than necessary. Despite this she will come back and persevere once her confidence is back enough to do so. This is, perhaps, what makes her so formidable, never giving up in the long run.


Shana enjoys experiencing new things, especially anything that she never had the opportunity or funds to do before. She quite enjoys testing herself physically, taking to free running when she can and quite enjoying climbing trees. Reading and drawing often occupies her days inside if there's nothing much else to do, however. Shana loves the ocean and being able to go to the harbor when she can though its something of a trip from the opposite end of Boston. Watching the sun set and gazing at the stars is also something she can be caught indulging, especially when she can get up onto a good rooftop to do so.


Shana has a great distaste for people who are overly arrogant without reason to be and so she tends to avoid such people when she can. Though more of a minor annoyance at best Shana dislikes being interrupted when she really gets into working on some project or another, even if it's just to be reminded to take a break.


Shana feels that she doesn't have many talents to share though she is rather decent at drawing. More advanced aspects of art elude her, however, and she often feels as if she won't be able to get a good handle on them to properly utilize anything that looks at all realistic.


Despite being a quick thinker and rather smart to boot Shana suffers from 'madness' in that if she fails once she will continue to try the same thing again and again, tweaking only pieces of her plan until it outright fails. This often resorts in a long break where she's grown frustrated or discouraged for a time before coming back wit ha new plan in mind.

When she's wronged she has a hard time speaking up about it, internalizing the frustration and hurt she might be feeling at the time. This can make her moody and hard to deal with as she dwells on it.

———————————✘Relationship Information✘———————————


William de Saint-Prix


{to be announced}

Love Interest

William de Saint-Prix

———————————✘Biographical Information✘———————————


Shana grew up in a pretty low income family that only got poorer as time went on. Her father suffered a shoulder injury rendering him unable to work when she was in her later teens. It was in these years that she lost more weight becoming even more scrawny then before. Eventually she moved out when she was able, working two part-time jobs to manage in the small home she rented from her uncle.

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ACIII: Shana
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