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Gently Entangled

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 DBZ OC: Sol

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Rekka Pop

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PostSubject: DBZ OC: Sol   Sun Nov 17, 2013 1:23 am

———————————✘Basic Information✘———————————








{to be announced}

———————————✘Appearance Information✘———————————

Hair Color and Style

Long hair that's grown over the years, she has little patience with it, usually leaving it as it is. Layered, it sticks out in odd angles though she's long since stopped trying to fuss with it. Her bangs fall into her face no matter how hard she might try otherwise to stop them from doing so. She hates having her hair pinned up, however.


Brown in color.

Skin Tone and Complexion

Sol is rather tanned, mostly from all the time she's spent out and about in recent years. Her complexion is much better than what it had been when she'd had access to soda all the time.

Height, Weight, Figure

At an unimpressive five feet and four inches Sol isn't all that intimidating to look at, in fact she often finds she is one of the shorter people when she's in a group. Living as she has she's gotten less scrawny and more muscular, accustomed to climbing and running through the jungle and having to hunt for her food.

Clothing Style

She tends to prefer simple clothes though she has an affinity for accessories. Necklaces, piercings and anything that she can fit around her wrists often catch her attention. Likewise she loves wearing rings though has such skinny fingers that Sol can rarely find any that will fit without slipping right off when she isn't paying attention.

Scars, Tattoos and Piercings

She has no scars or piercings though a multitude of scars litter her body from her lifestyle nowadays. The most prominent scar is the one on her cheek, rather large compared to others adorning her legs, arms or torso.

———————————✘Personality Information✘———————————

Though easily annoyed, her temper has calmed over the years. What once used to be prominent and often had softened as Sol's patience grew to accommodate the sudden new lifestyle she had to adopt. She can be competitive when it comes to things she thinks she's good at, however, straining herself to prove that she is good at what she does.

If she's left to her own devices for long she can get rather broody. Sol thinks too much more times than not and oftentimes she ends up dwelling on things that upset her in some way. She tries to ignore the thoughts as much as possible though she finds it difficult to do, especially if she has little to occupy herself with at the time. During these times she can be snappish and frustrated with anything and anyone. When something does bother her it can be anyone who tries to find out what's wrong will be met with an attitude and a tongue lashing.

In a way Sol has long since grown out of touch with her emotions, even if she has a better hold of her temper. Yes, she knows what she wants but more times than not she has little idea as to how to go about getting it in the first place. Conflicted on it in the end she tends to leave things the way they are even if she is quite clearly unhappy with them.

Sol is resourceful and rather quick-thinking. Because of this she has managed to survive on her own if when one factors in how stubbornly she refused to give up.


Like all saiyans Sol enjoys a good fight, friendly or otherwise. She's rather inexperienced, however, making fights with more experienced battlers harder for her. Despite her saiyan blood she has an appreciation for merely adventuring in general and seeing new sights and trying anything that might bring about a burst of adrenaline. Despite the ability to fly she also quite enjoys free running, particularly through woods and jungles where she had to learn out of necessity. Sol also tends to settle herself down from bad moods with music if the option is available to her. She seems to have an affinity with the stars and will often be found peering out of the ship's windows.


Enjoying her privacy, Sol hates anyone who attempts to force their way into her life without any sort of interest from her. She is a closed off individual and thus the idea of crowds leaves a bad taste in her mouth. Receiving advice or criticism without asking for it also ends with Sol withdrawing into her thoughts, angry with herself for coming across as someone who needed it in the first place. Sol also greatly dislikes the fact that when she gets too frustrated she will end up crying, often doing her best to hide it when it happens.


{to be announced}


Sol has a problem with asking for help when she knows she needs it. Oftentimes she will continue to struggle, making it harder on herself, to figure out whatever she needs to. Because of this she can often find herself in a rut and unable to get out of it on her own. Difficulties speaking of what bothers her or what she feels can also lead to miscommunication on her part. Likewise Sol seems to believe that others should just know how she feels about something, often growing highly irritated when it is the opposite that happens.

———————————✘Relationship Information✘———————————




{to be announced}

Love Interest


———————————✘Biographical Information✘———————————


Originally a human, or so she believes, she lived a normal albeit boring life keeping to herself and her few friends. She held a job at the local market that helped to pay for her small apartment in the city. She didn't do much to keep in touch with her family only speaking to her when they gave her a call or texted her. It wasn't until she woke up one day in a strange jungle with no memory or clues as to how she got there or why she suddenly had a monkey tail to boot. From there she struggled to live on her own.

There was no civilization in sight for Sol to rely on. In the first two years she nearly died time and again just to adjust and be able to hunt for food. Fashioning weapons and makeshift homes took time to learn, perfecting the art through failure and experience. Still, she persevered, albeit barely at times, growing lonesome without another to speak to.

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