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Gently Entangled

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 DBZ OC Sheet: Gemma

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PostSubject: DBZ OC Sheet: Gemma   Tue Nov 26, 2013 12:38 am

----------- • Basic Information • -----------






18 years old





----------- • Appearance Information • -----------

Hair Color and Style

Her hair is a bright blue. She wears it in a braid, normally tossed over her shoulder. She rarely takes it out of it's braid.


Her eyes are large, but dulled with stress and abuse from her kind. They are a dull turquoise.

Skin Tone and Complexion

Her skin tone is a little darker than normal, looking tan. Despite this, it's a natural skin tone.

Height, Weight, and Figure

She stands at five foot, five inches and is about one hundred and thirty-three pounds.

She's rather slender in figure and has no real muscle tone.

Clothing Style

Her clothing style is rather loose, wearing dresses that are light. She prefers baggier clothing if she can help it. She doesn't care for anything tight against her.

Scars, Tattoos, and Piercings


----------- • Personality Information • -----------


Gemma is a rather passive soul who shares no sentiment or care for her own races love for destruction or fighting.

She's is a rather simple person who simply wants to live life peacefully. Because of how she was treated in the past, she is outwardly kind to most. She only expresses a lot of negativity when Saiyan's are brought up in conversation.

For the most part, however, she is a quiet person, a little bit aloof despite her years being less than easy.

She is patient and content with what she has now. Gemma wishes for no more than her own freedom and has received it. She is grateful for this, though fearful that other Saiyan's might have survived. Because of this, she has more or less gone into hiding on Earth.

Unless her peace is disturbed, she is simply content with her life the way it is now.


Often refers to herself as 'This one' when speaking of herself.

When nervous, she toys with her braid or shifts her weight excessively, often giving her own emotions away.


The quiet, solitude, books, star gazing, night time, watching the clouds, free will.


Fighting, needless violence, destruction, loud noises, abuse of innocence, anger, picking on the weak.


Because she never learned how to fight, Gemma has no real hold on her ki nor any skill in combat. She remains on the side lines, too stubborn to really take hold of what she is.

She is ashamed of her bloodline and because of this, she refuses to further her strengths, fearing that she will become like the people she loathes so much.

----------- • Relationship Information • -----------




Due to being a peace loving person, she really doesn't make 'enemies', per say. The only real enemies she has or had were her own people, who were mostly wiped out three years ago.

Love Interest

Trunks or Android 17

----------- • Biographical Information • -----------


Born as one of the Saiyan's, Gemma had a difficult keeping up with the others. While most of her kind preferred fighting and being destructive, Gemma did the opposite. She loved peaceful, quiet things and showed no interested in blood shed.

Because of this peace loving attitude, she had a difficult time growing up, carted off to mostly do grunt work as she got old.

It was not uncommon for her to be abused by stronger Saiyan's who believed her and others like her to be a waste of space. Many of which were simply tossed aside or killed for no good reason.

Because of this, Gemma has grown to hate her kind, their destructive attitude and all. While there are a very select few she excludes from this list, there are too many who she has come to loath.

With the planets destruction three years later, Gemma finally found freedom on Earth. She expresses her hate for her own kind and does not show any remorse for what had happened to her home planet or her people.

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DBZ OC Sheet: Gemma
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