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Gently Entangled

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 DBZ OC Sheet: Naira

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PostSubject: DBZ OC Sheet: Naira   Wed Dec 04, 2013 12:49 am

----------- • Basic Information • -----------






19 years old





----------- • Appearance Information • -----------

Hair Color and Style

Her hair has grown out since she's become a drifter. It stops at her shoulder blades and is, for the most part, unkept. She runs her hands through it once in a while, but other than that, leaves it as is.

Her bangs are cut at an angle, an odd style though one she likes.

Her hair was a dull green.


Dull blue in color.

Skin Tone and Complexion

Despite being in the sun, her tone is more of less that of an average person. She doesn't tan well, mostly burns, so she avoids staying out in the sun when it's toward noon and early afternoon. She finds shady places to stay in those times.

Height, Weight, and Figure

Five-foot, five inches, Naira is about one hundred and thirty-two pounds. Her figure is normal, though mostly covered by baggy clothing.

Clothing Style

She has a bit of a punk kind of clothing style. Nothing fancy or something that she knows will get messed up in her travels. The most defining of her attire is her long half-sleeves that cover her hands. She flaunts these with hand motions quite often.

Scars, Tattoos, and Piercings

No notable scars or tattoos. However, one of her ears is pierced with a large, hoop ear ring.

----------- • Personality Information • -----------


Laid back and rather cheerful, Naira has little worries that assail her anymore. She enjoys her time outside, often found napping in the middle of the day.

However, when she feels as if she's been rubbed the wrong way, she becomes annoyed. Her patience thinning over the years, Naira now expresses her annoyances more often than before.

Despite this, she prides herself in trying to get along with just about anyone.

She's grown to be a bit of a risk taker, though knows when to be cautious as well.


She has a penchant to sing songs from her own world, mostly to fill the silence when she's on her own. This has made many either impressed, thinking she's made it up on her own, or confused as to what she's singing in the first place.

Naira can and will hiss when she feels threatened. Among other cat like habits, this is one that she found startling when it first happened.

She also has a habit of playing odd games. This has come off as strange to many though, Naira has stopped questioning these things. She finds that she has little to lose, so why not take a risk?


Salty foods, fish, counting the stars, singing, dragons of any kind, fair days - when she can pick out images in the clouds, stories, a general light atmosphere.


The feeling of loneliness, feeling as if she's going to be abandoned, her own insecurities, the unknown, not having the answers she's sought for several years now.


Much like a cat, Naira has become impatient with others. She expects them to want to speak with her and when they don't, she becomes frustrated or hurt.

She always has a penchant for just up and leaving people without saying goodbye or even letting them know she's leaving. Becoming so used to the 'drifter life', Naira has trouble forming attachments with people.

Despite how she's 'abandoned' so many, Naira herself hates to feel as if she's being abandoned.

She hates being compared as simply a 'stray'. It makes her feel like less of a person and causes a rush of anger to run through her. She rarely speaks with those who compare her as such, unable to forgive them - though she realizes it's petty.

----------- • Relationship Information • -----------




Naira hasn't many friends and doesn't plan on making any enemies.

Love Interest

Android 17

----------- • Biographical Information • -----------


Waking up on a different form of 'Earth', Naira had a lot of to learn about this place. Where her home was grounded by many rules and logic, this one seemed more like a fantasy world come to life. What was more, she'd sprouted a tail and ears to boot, resembling a cat.

With the coming months, Naira had made attempts to hold several jobs. This worlds technology, and her little knowledge of it, eventually resulting in her giving up. With no ties, family and friends, she became a drifter. She learned more about the world this way than any other.

She had held out hopes that she would find Sol somewhere on this Earth as well. However, years passed without sighting or word, so those hopes slowly diminished.

Now, Naira spends most of her time wandering and gathering stories from other drifters. She's created this as a pass time and even writes down those stories so she might one day share them with people who need them.

Naira has also been recording her own travels and stories as well. At first, these were merely for Sol to find if anything happened to her. The daily events were written specifically to Sol and no one else. As years passed, the records changed to anyone who she would come to call friend or care for.

These records, she has titled 'If I Am Missing or Dead'. If there was ever a case when these records would ever need to be found, she plans on telling those she's gotten close to their location, however urges them not to look unless she wants to share them or it's necessary.

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DBZ OC Sheet: Naira
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