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Gently Entangled

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  ACIV Black Flag: Amber [W.I.P]

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PostSubject: ACIV Black Flag: Amber [W.I.P]   Mon Dec 16, 2013 8:31 pm

Will finish later as I have some busy work to deal with at work.

----------- • Basic Information • -----------








Twenty Four



----------- • Appearance Information • -----------

Hair Color and Style


Skin Tone and Complexion

Height, Weight, and Figure

Clothing Style

Scars, Tattoos, and Piercings

----------- • Personality Information • -----------


Amber is polite and quiet. She tends to be well mannered, even if she's frustrated or upset. She has little trouble remaining patient with others as long as they aren't looking to start trouble. If she's pushed too much, she can lose her temper, despite her attempts to keep it all reigned in.


She toys with her hair when she's nervous. This can be a simple as brushing her bangs out of her face or twisting the hair that normally hangs over her shoulder. It's a notable habit and makes it far easier to read her feelings than she would like to admit.


Bird watching, copying bird calls, horses, horseback riding,


Fire, the dark, the groggy feeling she gets when she's aware she hasn't gotten enough sleep, night terrors, spiders, large insects, pirates, the land where her home had burned down.


She becomes rather awkward when she feels foolish or has been made a fool of. This can cause her to withdraw a little until she feels comfortable enough to be around the person or people who had made her feel as such.

Due to frequent nightmares and night terrors, Amber has had a problem with sleeping. This has effected her work and her mood considerably. The nightmares always about the fire she couldn't prevent or help stop, it has become difficult for her to settle in at night.

She has since taken to wandering aimlessly after dark, despite any dangers. Unless she can clear her head of the dreams, she rarely sleeps.

----------- • Relationship Information • -----------



Amber holds disdain toward pirates. However, she's long since understood that hating them will not bring her family back.

Love Interest

Manuel Mendoza

----------- • Biographical Information • -----------


Amber's life had been relatively normal for the most part. Work had been minimal whilst she thought of her future. Meant to take over her fathers work, she had spent quite a bit of her time learning the trade rather than doing what other girls her age would have stuck to.

However, late one night returning home, she found her house - and several areas around it, engulfed in flames. Both her mother and father had perished in the flames.

She didn't learn until much later that the popular rumor moving around the small towns was the fire was started by pirates to use as a ruse. They wanted to draw people away from larger plantations to help prevent the fire from spreading.

Since then, Amber had worked several different jobs to keep on her feet. Losing everything, she had to start over, using what she learned to keep herself alive and well. She has long since skipped out on alternative methods of 'work' some women had to resort to - far too stubborn to allow herself to sink that low.

After many months, Amber finally settled as a stable hand, able to get back on her feet as she lives in board with the family who owns a ranch.

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ACIV Black Flag: Amber [W.I.P]
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