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Gently Entangled

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 AC: Brotherhood: Rekka

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Rekka Pop

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PostSubject: AC: Brotherhood: Rekka   Wed Dec 18, 2013 1:09 am

———————————✘Basic Information✘———————————




Reks, Reksie






Templars - unwilling

Preferred Weaponry

———————————✘Appearance Information✘———————————

Hair Color and Style

Her hair is brown in color and wavy in nature, reaching down to the middle of her back. She doesn't always find the time to put it up, letting it lay loose over her shoulders. She tends to prefer ponytails (regular or side) or occasionally pigtails.


Her eyes are a light brown in color and though she's got an attitude they're only narrowed at those who get on her nerves.

Skin Tone and Complexion

She's got fair colored skin that can tan easily if she's out in intense sunlight for long enough.

Height, Weight, Figure

Standing at about five foot four inches (give or take a little) she's a skinny individual with an average shaped figure. She's not much to look at, usually determining herself as "cute at best".

Clothing Style

When she can be bothered to dress up Reks has a tendency to stand out a little bit. Her style seems to vary depending on her mood and her closet is full of all sorts of fashions. In this way she can keep people guessing that don't know her aside from close friends and family who've grown used to this. Reks seems to prefer fashionable clothes, however she can be seen lounging about in tatty clothes if she has nowhere to be.

Scars, Tattoos and Piercings

She doesn't seem to have any notable markings though her ears are pierced.

———————————✘Personality Information✘———————————

Rekka is a little infamous for her attitude among her family and close circle of friends. Though it has tempered in recent years she still has it and is not afraid to loose it on anyone getting on her nerves. In this way she can appear snobby and standoffish. It's also this that can make her difficult to work with if she doesn't like someone.

Despite this she does have a somewhat cautious nature though it's usually hidden by her confidence and attitude. She knows when she is in over her head and will often attempt to "lame it out" and see if she can't somehow make it a better situation by information she learns as she goes along with the situation(s) at hand. Because of this she's a rather observant individual and has a photographic memory, she learns and retains information best by doing or watching.

Rekka is a rather soft spoken individual despite her attitude and spunk. She does garner a softer side, one that she only shoes to those she's rather affectionate with. She's also rather generous to those she has a soft spot for, finding it hard to tell them no. She fears this makes her something of a pushover and one to easily be taken advantage of, however, and so she guards this as if it were a well kept secret.


She quite likes drawing and doodling though she almost never finishes anything she starts without some pushing from others. A fan of the zodiac she quite likes stargazing as a result though she seldom finds the time to drag herself outside at night to do so.


Not a fan of loud noises she had a distaste for crowds though she also dislikes them due to the lack of personal space within them. Rekka holds a disliking for anyone who feels the need to give her advice, finding herself annoyed by it.


She has a potential for artwork though she doesn't seem to pursue it to its fullest extent. Rekka also has some talent in writing stories though never finishes the longer ones she starts.


Because of her snobbish behavior when she doesn't like someone it can be like pulling teeth just to work with her if she doesn't agree with the person or like them in anyway. Likewise Rekka isn't very talkative about her feelings and if she feels anything for someone she tends not to voice them. This can leave her missing opportunities with other people because of it.

She can grow rather impatient the more frustrated she gets and the quality of her work will suffer for it if she forces herself to keep at it.

———————————✘Relationship Information✘———————————





Love Interest

Il Lupo

———————————✘Biographical Information✘———————————


{ to be announced }

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AC: Brotherhood: Rekka
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