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 Borderlands: Larissa

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PostSubject: Borderlands: Larissa   Wed Jan 01, 2014 5:45 am

✘Basic Information✘












{ coming soon }


HDD Shift*
Inspired by the abilities she'd seen Lilith employ, this skill allows for Larissa to tap into her full power though only for short bursts of time. Various effects can be employed in this state depending on what Processor Units are in use at the time.

Requires the use of machine parts called Processor Units.

"I'll show you my true power! Installation complete!"

Additional Skills:

Preferred Equipment
Firearms: shotguns, pistols
Melee Weapon: kukri knife
Grenade Mods:

✘Appearance Information✘

Hair Color and Style

Her hair is a little longer than most on Pandora's and is left loose when she's taking time to herself. On the 'job', however, she pulls it back out of her face as best she can manage at the time. It's a mousy brown in color.


She has amber colored eyes though no one knows if they are colored contacts or if they're natural.

Skin Tone and Complexion

She has an olive skin tone, marred by a few scars here and there.

Height, Weight, Figure

Standing at about five feet four inches she doesn't cut a very impressive standing by appearance alone, even her figure isn't much to look twice at. It's there though it isn't defined enough to attract much attention though she doesn't seem to mind, given the life she lives. Weighing in at about one-twenty she doesn't have much weight to throw around in combat.

Clothing Style

She seems to gravitate towards more rustic or darker colors if she can manage it with splashes of lighter ones to 'pop'. Larissa keeps towards clothes that are easy to move in though looks good too. She seems to try to look good when she can though it's not a high priority in her book.

Larissa quite likes boots over any other type of footwear as well. Typically she is seen sporting a fur-collared jacket with only one sleeve and a top that shows off a bit of midriff. Her pants are fairly tight though not enough to hinder movement and have all sorts of rips and tears along them.

Scars, Tattoos and Piercings

She has three markings on her face, a deep red in color, two over her left cheek and a thicker red rectangular one on her left. There's also an eyebrow piercing that she can be seen sporting. She also has a tattoo on her chest of the four card suits with the heart crossed off.

✘Personality Information✘

Larissa has a call for danger, wanting to feel the spike of adrenaline that comes with it. As such she can appear disinterested in things that she quite likes if it doesn’t bring about excitement. She’s fairly well-adjusted compared to others on Pandora and can find her patience wearing thin with some, despite knowing many can’t help how they act. When this happens Larissa is snappish and curt even if she doesn’t mean to be.

Though she takes great pains to hide it Larissa has a tendency to care about her self-image and how others think of her. Because of this Larissa hates being ignored, especially when she feels she has something to give. Because of this she hates having to work in groups, feeling as if she is often pushed to the side in favor of others with inferior skills. She tends to think highly of herself and strives to do her best in everything she does. This can make her competitive with others.

Larissa also tends to refuse the help of others when working on something unless it's absolutely needed. Because she prefers to work alone than with others Larissa can be hard-headed and can often overwork herself. She can be quite openly rude or sarcastic, however. Larissa can hold quite a grudge if her pride has been damaged.


When in thought Larissa has the habit of nibbling on her nails though she doesn't outright bite them off.


Larissa quite likes the rush of adrenaline and will go out of her way to sate her need of it, this goes hand in hand with her love of travel as well. She has quite a liking for attention, perhaps stemming from her lackluster childhood of being left to her own devices.

She has quite a sweet tooth and often has a stash nearby when she’s not out on a job. So large is her sweet tooth that she’s had her fair share of cavities and even a pulled tooth or two.


She hates being corrected and given advice and will sulk a little if this happens. Larissa also greatly dislikes being rushed on any account, no matter the reason leaving her in a foul mood if it happens.


Rules and authority figures tend to wear her thin as well and it’s usually only a matter of time before she ‘snaps’ and loses her temper and can potentially ruin whatever it is she has been striving for at the moment. When she gets angry she tends to grow passive aggressive and all around difficult to work with.

It can be like pulling teeth to get Larissa to admit to anything that might be wrong, however, or to even open up about herself and her life. It makes it difficult to get to know new people or to grow intimate with anyone.

She has something of a fear, or rather worry, that she might grow depressed if she settles down with anyone. In this way she finds it hard to make any real bonds outside of those who live on the chaotic Pandora where there is always something to fight. Though she might express interested in someone she very rarely acts upon it based on these thoughts causing her to miss out on anything that would follow.

✘Relationship Information✘


Mordecai (and Bloodwing), Roland and Lilith. She counts herself as Tannis' friend as well though the latter would vehemently disagree, what with her great distaste for human contact anymore. Larissa also frequents Tiny Tina’s if she’s in the area.


Handsome Jack and his ilk, she's not very loved by the bandits and psychos that run amok on Pandora either.

Love Interest

Mordecai or Axton

✘Biographical Information✘


Larissa was never an outgoing girl growing up on the rustic little planet she'd been born on. Much too civilized and peaceful there had never been much that called to her on that planet growing up. The call for combat and adventure pulled her to running away from home at fourteen, stowing away on a ship and hoping she wouldn't get caught. As luck would have it, she had. Twice. It wasn't until her third attempt at sixteen did she manage to get away from the lackluster planet she'd been born on and took to adventuring, eventually falling into mercenary work.

Eventually she'd heard rumors of the Vault and had come to Pandora for a number reasons, though none Larissa sees fit to share other than to seek out the Vault, she soon found a niche for herself as a Vault Hunter. She didn't get to see much action when Roland and the others had first opened the Vault, having come later then they had though she remained on Pandora. Despite it's chaotic and skag-eat-skag living she'd come to grow fond of the fighting and grungy people around her.

Taking part in the resistance as Handsome Jack rose to power Larissa, being one who has a hard time sitting still when she could be out on the field, found herself working to do some good for the cause against Jack. Mostly she fought alongside others out in combat, scrounging up information and parts that could be used in their efforts.

She came to know several of those who resided in the only place that was safe to them all, Sanctuary, in the following time before Jack's failed attempt to kill new Vault Hunters. At one point she'd harbored feelings for Mordecai though had eventually given up on any thoughts that came with them, busying herself with more important things at the time. Whether or not she still harbors those feelings is anyone's best guess, however.

*Taken from the game Hyperdimension Neptunia and tweaked around because Fang is an unoriginal hack


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PostSubject: Re: Borderlands: Larissa   Wed Jan 01, 2014 5:09 pm

Added a skill for Larissa though it might end up going through some overhaul and tweaking as the rp goes along.

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PostSubject: Re: Borderlands: Larissa   Thu Feb 06, 2014 6:59 pm

EDIT 2/6: Added a second skill to Larissa. Might add a third/last one at a later date, if I can think of anything well-balanced to use.

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PostSubject: Re: Borderlands: Larissa   Thu Dec 18, 2014 2:07 pm

EDIT 12/28: I added a preferred equipment section though it's not complete just yet.

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PostSubject: Re: Borderlands: Larissa   

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Borderlands: Larissa
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