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Gently Entangled

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 ACIII: Rosaleen

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PostSubject: ACIII: Rosaleen   Mon Jan 27, 2014 4:54 pm

———————————✘Basic Information✘———————————







Preferred Weaponry

Rope darts, daggers, hidden blade, throwing knives

———————————✘Appearance Information✘———————————

Hair Color and Style

Wavy brown hair that, at times, can be a bit bushy. Rosaleen hardly does anything complex with it, the most complicated hairstyle being pulling it up into pigtails or the occasional little braids when she gets bored enough. Her bangs are long enough to fall in the way of her eyes.


Hazel in color.

Skin Tone and Complexion

Fair-skinned Rosaleen can burn rather easily if she's out in intense sun for too long. It never lasts long, however, a day or two at most before it's replaced by a light tan.

Height, Weight, Figure

Stand somewhere around five feet four inches she has a slim build, bony in places, and a rather average bust and hip size for someone her height. She doesn't have too much of a figure to accentuate, not compared to other women, though what she has she seems content with.

Clothing Style

Though she dresses with more of a feminine flair than she had before, other than the few times she'd had a reason to gussy up, Rosaleen tries to keep things easy to move around in. She prefers wearing red and black if she can manage it though willwear other colors if she must.

Scars, Tattoos and Piercings

She has tattoos on her upper back, a wing on each shoulder blade as well as a star image in the middle of them.

———————————✘Personality Information✘———————————

Rather mouthy Rosaleen can sometimes get herself into trouble if she's fired up enough at the time. Usually, however, this requires quite a bit of long time pushing and picking to get her to that kind of anger. Any other time she grows passive aggressive, sullen about whatever got her riled up. This is a knee-jerk reaction from her days of childhood when she was often left to her own devices or expected to solve her own problems. Because of this she sometimes has a difficult time expressing what's on her mind, especially if she feels that it goes against what others have come to expect or perceive of her.

She can sometimes be a little lazy in everyday things, such as never making her bed seeing no point in it. This can be at odds with those around her who take pride in keeping things clean and organized.

With the right person she can be physically affectionate though she tends to avoid contact with anyone else other than small, brief touches if she must. Because of this she can often appear disinterested in people around her, more intent on doing what she has in mind than hanging out with new people.


She enjoys listening to music and studying artwork of the day. Rosaleen enjoys getting out and about as well though does not do this on her own and instead insists on having someone she cares about come along. She likes to spend the time with her loved ones and finds things boring without them.


Loud noises tend to annoy her greatly as well as being seen as less than what she is. Being belittled or pushed to the side can often leave Rosaleen sulking and angry. She needs the chance to stretch her legs a little and being cooped up will leave her antsy and restless.


Rosaleen is good at painting and will often try to exercise her artistic skills if she has the chance to.


When Rozalin is angry she gets withdrawn and will often take a bath to try to calm down. Until she has sufficiently managed to calm herself it can be hard to talk to her or even get her to say what's got her bothered. Because of this resolving anything that has her deeply bothered can be like pulling teeth.

———————————✘Relationship Information✘———————————


Sophia, Willam de Saint-Prix



Love Interest

William de Saint-Prix

———————————✘Biographical Information✘———————————


With a rather mundane home life there is little to expand upon or so Rosaleen feels. When asked about her childhood she often deflects the question describing it merely as "boring" or "uninteresting". If she was close to anyone in her family it would have been her niece, four years her junior, who was more akin to a sister than her actual sisters were. At some point the niece, Annie, had been given to the custody of Rosaleen's parents as her sister was unable to take care of her daughter at the time. Because of this Rosaleen and Annie had grown close.

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ACIII: Rosaleen
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