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Gently Entangled

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 ACIII: ℒuella

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PostSubject: ACIII: ℒuella    Wed Feb 19, 2014 4:19 pm

Luella Wright

Ella, Ellie


Birth Date:
May 15th



Preferred Weaponry:
Hidden Blade, Dagger, Throwing Knives, and Pistol 

Luella's hair is rather choppy (which is her fault for trimming her hair by herself, doing a terrible job sometimes) but wavy dark blonde color that is just barely touches her shoulders. Her bangs are out grown and brushed to the left side, framing her face a little. Does little with her hair in terms of styling, maybe a braid or just something easy to do to keep her hair out of her face.  Her eyes are up turned in shape and a deep blue color. Not very thick lashes, but you can tell she has them at least.

In height, she stands about five feet and five inches. She has a straight body built, bust and hips the same size basically—though her bust isn't that big per say—and light muscle definition on her arms and legs though. Her skin is fair, but can burn rather easily in the sun, her skin getting a little blotchy here and there. Light faded scars on her back from injuries that she doesn't quite remember getting, but suspects them from past missions.

When it comes to clothing, she likes to wear what is comfortable for her and easy to move around in. She does have a feminine taste, occasionally a dress here and there when she feels like it and when she isn't really doing anything that will involve a lot of movement. But, when it comes to assassinating, she'll wear her assassin get up.

Luella is rather reserved, just standing by and observing things. She's rather easy to get along with, however, very stubborn sometimes. Sticking to her beliefs until they are proven wrong. Though shy and quiet, she will put her two cents into somethings like motivating others or opinions when needed.

She is cautious, very cautious when doing things—not the one to rush into things. Luella can be a little too curious about things, but enjoys learning new things or being a little adventurous—liking the out doors than being inside all day.

When angered, she will give the person that caused her anger the cold shoulder. After a while though, she'll calm down and then be the better person, apologizing--however, she'll still believe that she's right.

She has a habit of running her fingers through her hair whenever she is frustrated, spacing out or staring off into the distance. Another is picking at her nails, not biting, just picking when bored. When nervous, she'll vigorously tap her foot.

Claims not to be ticklish, but the bottom of her feet are her tickle spot. Eats a lot .

Reading | taking walks | enjoys the rain as well | outdoors

She doesn't like bugs—well little bugs she can handle, but big ones aren't her cup of tea | Winter is another thing she doesn't like, she just doesn't like being cold.

Cooking | Sewing | {to be expanded}

Ships or boats, mostly the ocean. She had a childhood trauma of almost drowning, falling off her Uncle's ship. She doesn't mind being near the ocean or a ship, just doesn't like being on one. Though, she is trying to get over this fear from the help of her mentor.

The Story
Luella isn't big about talking about her past, deeming it "not interesting", but doesn't mind sharing when asked about it. She was handed to her uncle, Thomas, at a young age—parents unable to care for her. She adored her uncle, being the man who inspired her the most to do a lot of things. Her step-aunt, Marie, was another story. Her aunt was the exact opposite of her uncle, more grouchy, bossy, and uptight. The woman criticized everything Luella did albeit the woman was rather sweet and affectionate to Luella's uncle (Thomas was rather a poor sucker for beautiful women) and step-cousin, Nathaniel.

Her uncle was brutally murdered one day when she was just seventeen years old, causing her to run away when realizing she would left alone with her step-aunt—who planned on giving the girl to an orphanage. She took refuge with a good friend of her uncle's, Arther Clyde.

Well...Mr. Clyde isn't really the most friendly (and Luella wonders how her uncle called the man "a good friend") he was rather rude, but struck a deal with the blonde haired girl, that if she cooked and cleaned—since the man was a drunkard morning the lost of his wife—he would let her stay. Luella agreed in a heart beat, not minding one bit cleaning and cooking, finding peace in it.

About three months had passed, Mr. Clyde had looked into the death of Luella's uncle, coming to a conclusion as to who murdered him. And thus, began the new change in her life...

{More to be announced plus editing}
Connor Kenway and I guess those living in Davenport Homestead? Possibly Arther Clyde fits here?


Love Interest:
Connor Kenway

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ACIII: ℒuella
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