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Weekly Prompt
This week's prompt is:
Gently Entangled

Next prompt set up for 6/24.

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 Pkmn Oc Sheet: Delta |Revamp|

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PostSubject: Pkmn Oc Sheet: Delta |Revamp|   Wed Mar 12, 2014 6:17 pm

||Basic Data||

|| Name ||


|| Alias ||


|| Date of Birth ||

July 23rd

|| Age ||

Twenty Three

|| Region of Birth ||


|| Sexual Orientation ||


|| Personal Data ||

|| Personality ||

Delta was always a good spirited young woman. She was someone who liked to have a good time, often allowing her curiosity to over come her. Due to this, she often got herself into some amount of trouble.

She has a strong sense of loyalty and those who gain her trust are often put before herself. This sense has become rather strong after Team Rocket took to power.

Delta has no become a little more reserved and quiet. The situation given as it was, she is thoughtful and tries to think ahead before she acts. Her own life as well as those she cares about, are on the line.

She has become introvert and doesn't often share her problems with others. So many deal with their own problems, she would rather not burden anyone with her problems as well.

|| Backstory ||

Delta started off as a normal trainer, wanting to see the world. She had left home at the age of fifteen, feeling she was ready to venture out on her own. With her first pokémon in tow, she wandered from region to region, her main interest mostly to see the sights.

Several years had passed by. The threats of certain groups were quashed and most of the regions were left safe. However, a new group had shown up in her own home and, fearing for her families safety, Delta went back home.

Team Rocket had attacked shortly after she had arrived, already putting those who rebelled to death. So many retaliating and others afraid, no one knew what to do or expect. Her home nearly in shambles, Delta sought others to aid in the fight.

Delta joined a band of rebels within her home town. She acted out against the members of Rocket. She and many others were nearly captured. Delta managed to flee on the back of one of her pokémon. She later heard reports that several of the rebels were captured and killed. Her father was also executed in her place.

Since then, Delta has been seeking out the rebellions who reside in each region.

|| Occupation ||

Rebel, Pokemon trainer

|| Relationship Status ||

Currently single, Delta wanted to find someone she could come to love. However, due to the Rocket rising and her search for the rebellion, it has not been her main focus.

|| Hobbies ||

When she was able to, Delta spent a lot of time reading. Aside from that down time, she often takes long walks or wanders.

She loves music and tends to find any excuse to listen to some form of it. She has sadly not been able to play anything herself though she would like to.

Delta also takes to drawing the people she meets. She has a large sketch book filled with drawings of everyone she has ever met.

Most of her hobbies have been put on hold due to Rockets reign.

|| Behavior Traits ||

|| Nature ||

Introverted, she is a quiet. However whenever she is pushed to the breaking point, her frustrations can blow.

|| Strengths ||

Delta's strengths rely in the few things she has left. She will fight for what she has to protect, even if the odds are against her.

Due to this, she is often seen as a little reckless.

|| Weaknesses ||

The people and her pokémon are her weakness.

|| Habits ||

Delta has a habit of pacing when she becomes nervous or overly excited. It is a quick tell for either emotion.

She bites the inside of her mouth constantly. At times, she has caused her mouth the bleed because of it. She has been trying to break the habit but has no luck doing so.

When in deep thought or bored, she toys with her hair.

|| Fears ||

Losing her loved ones or her pokémon.

|| Relationships ||

|| Parents ||

Jack - Father: Deceased

Diana - Mother: Alive

|| Siblings ||


|| Love Interest(s) ||


|| Friends ||

Coming soon

|| Rivals ||

Currently None

|| Appearance ||

|| Hair Color//Style ||

Her hair is a light turquoise and was cut short. Through the months, it's become longer and a bit of a mess. She has no time to change her style or get it cut.

|| Skin Tone ||

Delta is rather pale having taken to covering up over the months Team Rocket had taken over.

|| Eye Color//Shape ||

Green eyes, round

|| Height ||

Five foot, six inches

|| Weight ||

One hundred and fifty three pounds

|| Clothing Style ||

Delta wears a long black coat for cover in the night. Typically, her hood is drawn over her head to obscure her features.

Under her coat, she wears a loose fitting tank top and leggings, all black and light blue. She wears boots to help her move about the terrain of forests.

|| Makeup ||


|| Accessories ||


|| Piercings//Tattoos ||


|| Team Information ||

|| Main Team ||

(Valor) Lucario | Male | Fighting/Steel | Hasty Nature
(Aiden) Noivern | Male | Flying/Dragon | Bold Nature
(Twilight) Zoroark | Female | Dark | Hasty Nature
(Chi) Dragonair | Female | Dragon | Bashful Nature
(Wheatley) Banette | Male | Ghost | Gentle Nature

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Pkmn Oc Sheet: Delta |Revamp|
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