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 Pokemon Original Character

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PostSubject: Pokemon Original Character   Mon Apr 14, 2014 9:35 pm

((Author note: If I left any important information out, feel free to send me a message, or let me know if I made a mistake in Regions.))
Character Information:
Name: Anja Klein
Nickname: Ann
Age: 18
Hometown: Lavender Town
Occupation: Used to assist Mr. Fuji in caring for Orphaned and Abandoned Pokemon, but set off on her Trainer adventure.
Specializes In: Ghost and Dark Types
Love Interest: Gary Oak

Pokémon Team:

Haunter (Male)
Nickname: Simon
Nature: Sassy
-Hypnosis (20PP)
-Nightshade (15PP)
-Dream Eater (15PP)
-Mega Drain (10PP)

Lapras (Female)
Nickname: Drizzle
Nature: Docile
-Surf (15PP)
-Bubble Beam (20PP)
-Ice Beam (10PP)
-Thunder (10PP)

Hypno (Male)
Nickname: Siesta
Nature: Naughty
Confusion (25PP)
Disable (20PP)
Psychic (10PP)
Seismic Toss (20PP)
Jolteon (Male)
Nickname: Sparks
Nature: Rash
-Thunderbolt (15PP)
-Toxic (10PP)
-Double Kick (30PP)
-Skull Bash (15PP)

Charizard (Male)
Nickname: Tinder
Nature: Bold
-Ember (25PP)
-Flamethrower (15PP)
-Slash (20PP)
-Fly (15PP)

Kangaskhan (Female)
Nickname: Roo
Nature: Careful
-Bite (25PP)
-Toxic (10PP)
-Earthquake (10PP)
-Take Down (20PP)

Hair Color: Long and slightly wavy. It is a wisteria shade. She usually keeps it up in a bun, but will also leave it down and curl it.

Eye Color: A Slate-Grey, they are usually bright and hopeful.

Body Type: Anja is about five foot three, with a modest body type. She isn't very slender, but she isn't overweight either. She has a more athletic body type, but her muscles aren't bulky.

Clothing Style: Anja usually wears dresses of a Victorian Lolita fashion. She doesn't mind what color she wears, and most of her dresses are silk with lace decor. They usually stop right above her knee. She also wears lace up boots. Sometimes she wears a variety of gloves. If she is working out, or is going to be in a "dirtier" environment, then she wears jeans and t-shirts.

Tattoos and Piercings:
She has a tattoo of a forest over her left shoulder, and a rose on her right thigh. She also has her ears pierced twice, along with a lip ring on her lower left lip.

Anja is usually quiet, and comes off as shy. She is very polite, and enjoys to help others. She observes others as her own way of getting to know them. She is very trustworthy, and doesn't reveal others' secrets. Unfortunately, Anja can come off as unfriendly since she is so quiet. She also becomes deeply upset if she unknowingly insults someone else, or if she gets put in between an argument.

She enjoys reading and drawing as her main pastimes, when she isn't spending time with her Pokémon. She also likes to explore and to go to places like museums in order to learn more about other places or ideas. She is very clean and meticulous, often leading others to believe she may have a budding obsessive compulsion. In battles Anja can be confident, but her confidence can easily be shaken if she feels she is out of her skill level.

Her Pokémon mean the most to her, and so she becomes very worried, almost panicked if they become hurt in battle. Oftentimes she might even surrender if she feels her Pokémon’s' safety are at risk. This has caused her to move slowly through the gyms, and she has battled a few of them multiple times. She also can have quite the temper if she feels Pokémon or other people are being mistreated, and she doesn't care for, nor put up with bullying.

Anja comes from a very loving father, since her mother passed away from an illness when she was about five years of age. She comes from Lavender Town because her father likes to research the "hauntings" around the tower and the area surrounding the Town. This caused Anja to also have an interest in her hometown as well as Ghost type Pokémon. Along with her starter Pokémon, Charmander, her father gave his Haunter to her so that she can have family with her in her journey.

Her father also insisted that she keep with her studies as she continued on her journey, which included her mailing school work and other assignments back and forth between the two. Before departing on her Pokemon Adventure, she used to assist Mr.Fuji in her hometown. She would help him care for the Pokemon brought to the facility, and she made sure each Pokemon she was in charge of was loved. She spent most of days cleaning the building, and setting up different areas for each type of Pokemon they received. She also used to run errands for him, in order to acquire more supplies to support their mission in making all Pokemon happy.

She decided to become a Pokemon Trainer in order to venture out and meet new types of Pokemon with hopes of befriending them, and to also deliver the message of caring properly for Pokemon, including interaction, meal information, and other ways of how to properly care for Pokemon.


Likes: Strawberry Milk and Dark Chocolate Bars, as well as fruits and vegetables. Interacting with Pokemon. Drawing, writing, and reading. Volunteer work, and learning new things.

Dislikes: Pokemon being mistreated, eating meat, soda, and battles.
Strengths: Understanding others as well as Pokemon, identifying helpful and harmful plants, and map reading.

Weaknesses: Battling, getting dirty, and the easy loss of confidence as well as the fear of offending others. She also isn't very good at gambling or making bets.
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Pokemon Original Character
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