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 Naruto Character Sheet {Kira Kurosawa}

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PostSubject: Naruto Character Sheet {Kira Kurosawa}   Fri Apr 18, 2014 8:05 pm

Name: Kira Kurosawa
Age: Twenty Seven
Occupation: Jonin
Hair: Her hair is black on the top layer, and on the bottom layer it is a fiery red. It comes down to her lower back and she occasionally braids it or puts it up into a pony tail. It is wavy and easily gets tangled, so she carries a brush with her. Her bangs come over her right eye, so she usually has it pinned back with a crescent moon pin.  

Eyes: One is bright blue, and the other is a light brown due to Heterochromia iridum. (Which is caused by either birth defect or genetics.)

Skin Tone/ Complexion: Kira has a lighter skin tone than others, and her complexion is rather clear.

Height, Weight, and Figure: She is five feet and five inches tall, and is of a delicate build. She has a little over average bust size and has a nice build. She weighs about one hundred and seventy five pounds. She takes care of her body and appearance.

Clothing Style: Kira wears darker clothes to help camouflage and disguise herself. She always wears sandals that zip up to half way up her calves. She usually wears capris or pants, but will occasionally wear shorts when she is relaxing in the village. Her top is usually a tight fitting tank, and she wears netting underneath. She also wears closed finger gloves that stop at her wrist. Like other Jonin, she dons a combat vest over her clothing, which she usually leaves unzipped. Her headband is around her neck.

Scars, Tattoos, and Piercings: She has one scar that starts below her left nostril and goes over both of her lips, stopping right under her chin. She has the ANBU tattoo on her left arm, and has a wolf on her right shoulder. For piercings, she has industrials in both ears, as well as two normal ear piercings in each ear.


Kira has a very sarcastic personality. She does enjoy the company of others, but is usually by herself. Her sense of humor is more geared towards adults, since she will sometimes make sexual jokes or inferences. She is wary of others around her, and it takes a while to gain her trust. She will go out of her way to help others, which was one of the things that conflicted with her ANBU career. Kira can have a bad temper if one of her comrades or a villager gets hurt, and this can sometimes cause her to get in trouble because she doesn’t filter very well.

She gives respect to everyone she meets, unless she feels they do not deserve it. She bases this off of her interactions with others. She doesn’t assume things about people she interacts with, and she chooses to ignore gossip that she hears about others. Most of the time she can be found helping students train out in the training fields, or she can be found shopping. She has a bad addiction to books and hair pins. However, she can be good with money, and often saves most of what she makes. She reads any genre of book available, because she feels the information may come in handy someday. She digests certain books in more private settings, such as Jiraiya’s adult series.

It is easy for her to forgive others, under certain circumstances, but it also takes a bit to gain her trust back. She tries not to speak badly of others, and instead will give constructive criticism. Whenever she has an issue with someone, she goes directly to them to speak to them about it, since she knows how people can twist words if she asks around.

Likes: Taking care of plant life, training, reading, writing, and eating sweets. Kira also carries art supplies with her in order to sketch out new landscapes or creatures she comes across. Although she isn’t the best artist, she does have some skill and she continues to nurture this aspect of her life. While in the village, she wastes most of her time out in the training fields or at the marketplace. She can also be found around Iruka, since she helps him grade papers when he falls behind.

Dislikes: She has a fear of water that she can’t see the bottom of, or where she can rest her feet on the earth below. She hides this secret well, however, since it would affect her ninja lifestyle if she didn’t.  She doesn’t fare well in arguments since she thinks they are often pointless and time consuming.

Talents: Kira has a very promising career as a ninja, but she like just staying at the level she is currently in. She is quick to think on her feet, and can usually come up with interesting methods to get out of sticky situations.

Shortcomings: Kira can sometimes be clumsy, which leads to most of the injuries she has succumbed to. Even though she is very open and honest, she doesn’t do well in romantic situations and often loses her nerves and rambles on about unimportant things, or she’ll blurt out very humorous answers. She also runs a little late. While on missions, she can over exert herself quite often, which she intends to work on.


Relationship Information  

Friends: Hatake Kakashi, Maito Gai, Sarutobi Asuma, and Yuhi Kurenai, and Jiraiya. She is also close friends with Umino Iruka. She is also actively pursuing a friendship with Yamato. She is a friendly person though, and so she tends to try and make new ones. Uchiha Itachi had also been a friend.

Enemies: As a ninja she has many ‘enemies’ although she doesn’t view it that way. She views it as work, and if people interfere, then she handles them. She doesn’t try to waste her time with hate and holding grudges.

Love Interest: Hatake Kakashi or Yamato.



Kira Kurosawa was born in Konoha, however she was orphaned because of her parents’ young ages when they had her. She knows her birth parents, since they live in the village, but since they didn’t raise her, they are just villagers to her. She showed very promising skills that made her a quickly advancing shinobi, and like her friend Kakashi, she advanced into the Anbu at a young age. This life was hard on her, and she often battles with these Anbu years in her mind after witnessing some gruesome displays, and even enacting gruesome displays herself. After being in the Anbu for a couple years, she asked to be transferred out. From there she became a Jonin and started doing random missions for the village.

She was heartbroken by Itachi’s sudden lifestyle change, and this was one of the main factors in her transfer decisions. She often stops by to check on Sausake, since she feels she owes Itachi since he had saved her life on a mission during their Anbu days. She never wanted to step above and beyond to become a sensei, because she feels she wouldn’t make a very good one. She does hold a slight feeling of jealousy towards her friends for being instructors though.

Most of her adult life has been outside the village on her various missions. In the last year, she has had fewer missions, and has been pressured into becoming an academy instructor by her close friend Iruka. 
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Naruto Character Sheet {Kira Kurosawa}
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