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Gently Entangled

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 |Dishonored| Leanne Pearce

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PostSubject: |Dishonored| Leanne Pearce   Sun May 11, 2014 12:42 am

||Basic Information||


Leanne Pearce






Hair Color and Style

Brown hair that's darker at the roots and seems almost blonde at the very tips. It's wavy in nature and if it isn't layered can be quite bushy if she doesn't bother to pull it back or wet it down. Her hair reaches down past her shoulders and her bangs fall into her eyes and frames her face.


Sharp eyes that are tawny brown though obscured behind a pair of thin-rimmed glasses.

Skin Tone and Complexion

Fair skinned with a rather clear complexion. If she eats or drinks a lot of sweets then she breaks out easily over her forehead and chin, however.


Standing at about 5'4" and weighing in at 115 lbs. Leanne is a scrawny individual with a rather average figure for her stature.

Clothing Style

Preferring darker colors, especially red, Leanne likes things that are easy to move around in. She is also a fan of jewelry though bangles and bracelets are often too large for her skinny wrists and small hands. Likewise she tends to run about in a pair of boots rather than any nice shoes.


Most notably Leanne wears a gold earring on one ear that dangles and has two feather charms, small chains reach up to connect to the cuff at the upper ear as well. Several tattoos line her arms, one on each inner forearm, one on her right shoulder and another on her left outer forearm.


A relatively private individual, Leanne prefers to spend time on her own or with those she is close to though she is a fiery individual with a smart mouth. Stubborn, Leanne often won't change her mind once it's made up even if she has her reservations. There are occasions where she likes to go out and interact with other people but for the most part she needs her time alone to gather herself and her thoughts. If she does not get this time to herself she can grow tense and anxious, making her snappish. All the same she's a curious woman and can often be described as nosy when she tries to figure out what's going on with the people around her. Nonetheless she's a fairly generous person who will help others if they need it and she's capable to.

Though she's not a very touchy-feely person she does crave someone to share such moments with though has a hard time expressing this. Leanne has a hard time expressing herself in general leaving others to see her as a closed off individual who merely wants to be left alone. Unsure of how to go about anything differently Leanne hardly sees a chance to make a change in this routine, as such she can often grow a little forlorn, looking to interesting stories to fill her time and her life with meaning, even if it's a false sense of meaning only found in her daydreams.

Leanne has a hard time expressing herself, often leading her to grow frustrated when others do not realize that something is bothering her or make no attempts to help her. This frustration is both reflected to herself and those around her, and can make it hard to work with her if something is bothering her deeply. Getting her to admit to such things can be like pulling teeth however and she often needs a fair bit of coaxing before she begins to open up about such things. She can be a little timid when it comes to intimacy as well.


She wears a certain earring and necklace, both of which Leanne toy with when she is bored. Likewise Leanne often bites at her lip or cocks her head to one side when she is in thought or busy.


Leanne likes horror and fantasy stories, especially those with supernatural elements involved. She loves to listen to music though she has no talent for any sort of instrument, her talents lying in sketches. Often she can be seen passing the time doodling or jotting down short stories that come to mind. Both of these things she is self-conscious about and often hide from others, or at least she tries to. She enjoys traveling when she has the chance and seeing and doing new things.


Crying in front of others leaves her embarrassed and is part of the reason why she hides things that bother her immensely. Leanne isn't a fan of loud noises and often avoids places which feature them. She doesn't like to be touched by people she doesn't know, growing uncomfortable when people stand close to her or reach out for her when she hardly knows them or only considers them acquaintances.


Because she grows anxious if she's not given proper time alone to gather herself she can be hard to work with the longer she must indulge with other people. Usually this only happens after continuous days of such interaction, however. Leanne can grow easily frustrated on most days, especially so when she feels embarrassed as well.

Most days she finds it difficult to ask for help when she needs it, leaving her to struggle with whatever project or problem she has on her hands.






Love Interest

Corvo Attano

||Background Information||


Leanne has no memory of her past though she is aware that she was no one of any public standing. Many things are unfamiliar to her though she isn't quite sure why when it's all so familiar to those around her. The only thing that she can gather is that she must be from some other foreign country.

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|Dishonored| Leanne Pearce
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