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 |The Avengers| Harper

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PostSubject: |The Avengers| Harper   Thu May 15, 2014 10:40 pm

Name: Harper Luke
Nicknames: She’ll go by Harper or Luke, depending on how much she likes the person. Usually they have to earn the right to call her Harper. She also responds to Einstein, brainy, and a variety of other 'smart names'
Race: Human
Age: 21 Years Old
Date of Birth: December 23
Place of Birth:Greenwich, UK
Occupation: SHIELD Scientist/Hacker

Hair: Reddish brown and long. It's slightly wavy, but it's not orderly. Just messy uneven waves that she's long given up on managing. She however has found an array of interesting braids to do, and has a system for what kind of braid she wears. However most of the time it's just flat or in a loose ponytail. She also likes bows. And will at times have up to seven in her hair at a time.
Eyes: dark brown
Skin Tone: fair
Height: 5’4”
Build: slender, and petite
Scars: None
Clothing: Fitting her lazy personality Harper likes clothes that are loose and flowy. She wears over sized shirts usually with some Avenger logo as some kind of joke to herself, which have been edited with either the neck cut out or some other type of surgery to make it even more lazy looking. She likes shorts, sweats, leggings, but rarely ever wears legitimate pants, citing that they are too constricting. She also wears converse. Nothing but. She refuses anything else. And again with her inside jokes they are most of the time plastered with Avengers logos. She also wears thick rectangle rimmed glasses. Partially because she enjoys looking like a hipster douche and partially because she royally destroyed her vision by spending all her time in front of computer screens.


Harper was born in a normal family in the city Greenwich. Her mother, a recent college graduate, got a job as a computer programer and her father was a delivery man for a tool company. The couple were overjoyed to have a child and raised Harper with more love and affection than she could ever need.

The first sign something was odd about their daughter came when she was about two years old. They found her sitting in front of their computer and typing code. The code was too complicated for the computer to handle and caused it to short. A few weeks later the couple found their daughter disassembling the now defunct computer and playing around with the parts. The child claimed that the computer 'talked to her' and told her how to take it appart. But she had no idea how to put it back together.

Since then technology was kept as far away as possible from Harper, lest she completely dissect it. But Harper continued to talk to it. Cars, radios, Televisions, all of them 'spoke' to the toddler, who by now was talking in complete coherent sentences. Her parents assumed she was a genius and put her in school two years early, at the age of three.

However as she went through the school system her grades remained subpar. She was held back two years, her teachers under the assumption that she was too young to understand what was going on in the classes. However her grades were still poor. Her parents had her tested, and were shocked to learn their girl had an IQ that threw her in the top ten percent of modern geniuses.

Despite her incredible IQ Harper continued to fail in school, and was eventually taken out of public school and was put in a homeschool group. Her life changed forever when she did something incredible. She hacked SHIELD, further than anyone had to that day. When she was fifteen her house was swarmed by SHIELD agents and British police, who brought her in for questioning, effectively freaking her parents out. SHIELD took an interest in her computer skills and put her through rigorous aptitude testing, and her scores got her immediately drafted.

So she dropped out of high school, but continued the college classes she was taking. By the time she was eighteen she had her doctorate in Computer Science. She also took up robotics and was working on a degree on that as well.

Harper now has her own lab in SHIELD where she creates software and works on hacking enemy organizations, and creating firewalls for SHIELD. She maintains and updates the data base and does decoding and debugging for captured messages and technology.


The first thing a person notices about Harper is her eccentricity. She had a particular way of sitting, talking, eating, acting, and just general being. She tends to ramble and go off on tangents often. She speaks with large hand gestures and often winds up making more of a show with her hands than with her words, even if they are relevant. Her mind moves at a mile a minute and surprisingly enough her voice can catch up, so speaks quickly and in chopped sentences when excited or thinking really hard.

The second thing people notice is her laziness. She is often found sleeping in her office. She stays up late goofing off and sleeps late. Most of her work is done in a last minute rush. But as long as it gets done, Fury decides to ignore  her habits. She enjoys sleep more than she does breathing, and if given the choice she would spend her life constantly asleep. She claims it's because her mind comes up with brilliant things while she dozes, but most write it off as one of her attempts to validate her major sloth.

Harper enjoys SHIELD more than anything else in the world. It means she can stare at computer screens all day and code if she so desired. They also give her a creative outlet, allowing her to build machines and experiment with weaponry and robotics. Although explosions are frequent she couldn't be happier. She also claims to be an 'Avengers Geek', and keeps a joke with herself. Since she works so closely with them she enjoys wearing her team mates 'logos'. She finds it incredibly funny, although no one can seem to figure out why.

When Harper claims to hear technology, she really means it. Computers, electronics, programs, all that stuff has a way of speaking with her. It's like she can hear the code, and voices from the technology. They help her do her job, and she gets to boast. She claims to have had conversations with the Iron Man suit.

Speaking of Iron Man, Harper idolizes Tony Stark. She wants nothing more than to be him. She wants to get inside his mind and see how things tick, and she absolutely adores him. She can literally find no wrong with the man. He was the reason she took up robotics.

Classical Music, Rainy weather, sweet food, hamburgers, sodas, electricity, computers, sleeping, and books.
hot summers, dubstep, spicy food, and a lot of other things.

Powers / Abilities
Genius IQ: Harper has one of the highest recorded IQ's in the modern world. She ranks in the top 10% and idolizes those above her.

Electronic Telepathy: Harper can commune with anything that runs on electricity. She can use this to coax information out of them, and is able to read code like it was textbook english.

Favorite Food: Hamburgers
Favorite Drink:Coke
Favorite Band: Led Zeppelin
Favorite Song: I Just Haven’t Met You Yet, Michael Buble
Favorite Book: Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
Favorite Movie: She’s surprisingly taken with Disney Movies. All of them.
Favorite Color: Deep purple
Favorite Smell: Gasoline and also Leather

Father: Jason Luke [Alive]
Mother: Alyssa Luke [Alive]

Best Friend: Tony Stark
Friends: Bruce Banner, Natasha Romanov, Clint Barton, Thor
Acquaintances: Nick Fury, Maria Hill
Enemies: Enemies of SHIELD
Crush: Steve Rogers

Everyone, all of us, comes together

And now there's a family of hundreds.
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|The Avengers| Harper
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