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Gently Entangled

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 | Thief (2014) | Ashe

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PostSubject: | Thief (2014) | Ashe   Sun May 18, 2014 8:38 pm

||Basic Information||








Hair Color and Style

Her hair is shorter in the back, having to lop it off at one point with a knife so that it wouldn't easily be grabbed. Because of this it has several layers to it, sticking out at odd angles. Her bangs fall in the way of her eyes though Ashe seems unbothered by this. Her hair is a mousy brown in color.


Sharp brown eyes. They're often shadowed by the hood she wears out and about.

Skin Tone and Complexion

Olive-skinned, her complexion is rather clear though there's often a thin layer of dirt over her skin.


Standing somewhere near 5'6", Ashe has a rather average figure. She's scrawny due to both a high metabolism and the fact that she needs to be active and agile to stay a step ahead of the city guards.

Clothing Style

Though her hood is rather loose, pinned to her so that it would not easily fall off, Ashe seems to prefer tighter clothes. Leather is prominent on her usual outfit due to its light weight and the fact that it can help protect against lighter hits.

Noteable Markings/Features

Ashe is missing her right canine.


Though a fairly introverted person Ashe is friendly to those who approach her. She has her moody moments, most noticeably when she is feeling anxious and tense leaving her snappish to those around her. Likewise if she does not get the chance to take time to herself and 'recharge' Ashe will grow anxious and hard to work with though for the most part this does not happen often considering her line of work.

She doesn't mind having a little one-on-one time with her friends or better-known acquaintances when she's not busy. Ashe isn't too loud of an individual, often being overlooked in larger groups even when she speaks. Because of this it has helped to cement her dislike of larger crowds, feeling drowned out and lost in them on top of her other issues when traveling through them. This has also lead to a complex in her, making her believe that she has little importance to the people around her and so she tends to leave her problems and thoughts unvoiced. Ashe oftentimes grows frustrated because of this.

Stubborn, once she's made up her mind it's hard to get her to change it. Ashe is a determined individual and will see her choices through one way or another. She's not so reckless that she will needlessly endanger herself however, oftentimes she will back away and assess what she can for the best decision. Most times she relies on improvising as she's a fairly quick thinker and can be quite resourceful.


When she's thinking or observing something and isn't being rushed Ashe will usually bring her thumb to her mouth, nibbling at her nail. When she's alone she has a habit of humming to herself, at least when she's not on a job.


Ashe has a penchant for collecting bird feathers and a great like for music. She enjoys stargazing though rarely managed to find the time to do so, often busy during the nights. Experiencing new things and traveling are also high on her list of likes, especially so for the latter. She seems to have some artistic ability, hiding away several sketches from prying eyes.


Crowds typically leave her feeling anxious and trapped in, causing her to grow snappish and tense. Loud noises also tend to cause her to avoid certain places or events. The feeling of being trapped in, like some caged bird, is one that leaves a bad taste in Ashe's mouth. If she feels trapped in, whether on a job or in her personal life, Ashe does everything in her power to rectify matters.


She has poor eyesight, leading to things at a distance being blurry to her. Because of this she has a hard time discerning smaller details until she's up close on them. Ashe has a hard time asking for help when she knows she needs it, wanting to be viewed as independent and capable, because of this she sometimes lands herself into some hot water. If she feels trapped in in her personal life she will tend to distance herself from those she feels are involved with the cause of those feelings without a word on the matter. This can often lead to her offending more sensitive individuals or to cause herself to grow lonely.



Basso (fence)


City guards, the Thief-Taker General



Love Interest


||Background Information||


{coming soon}

*Things are subject to change.

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| Thief (2014) | Ashe
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