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Gently Entangled

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PostSubject: |Nier| Reks   Mon Aug 25, 2014 8:35 pm

||Basic Information||

Reks though she prefers that her loved ones call her ‘Reksie’

Twenty-six years old



Hair Color and Style
Her hair is a mousy brown color that’s lighter at the ends and tends to suffer from split ends and breakage. It’s wavy in nature and thus she likes to keep it at least past her shoulders as she doesn’t believe it looks cute when it’s any shorter. Her bangs are long enough to fall into her eyes and often are a source of brief annoyance though she refuses to keep them any shorter.

Oftentimes she leaves her hair down, too lazy to throw it up. She has occasionally been seen wearing it in a ponytail or in girlish pigtails.

Her eyes are brown in color though hidden behind a pair of thin-framed glasses. She’s often resorting to pushing her glasses back up her nose.

Skin Tone and Complexion
Originally a rather fair-skinned woman, she does tan easily and often sports a farmer’s tan of sorts over the summer months. Several freckles dot each of her shoulders as well.

Standing at around 5’4” she’s not a very impressive woman to look at. She weighs in at just over a hundred pounds and has the scrawny arms and legs to show for it. She looks easily breakable if one were to judge her by her looks alone. While she has an average chest size for someone her height and weight her hips are a little wider and just as bony as her elbows and ankles.

Clothing Style
She tends to prefer clothes that are easy to move around in. Because she prefers warmer weather she noticeably likes to wear shorts and shirts with no sleeves to bother her arms. She doesn’t seem to like anything on her feet as she can be seen running around barefoot whenever possible. When she gets chilly she tends to don a jacket that’s long enough to just hide her short shorts from view if she’s not wearing pants.

If she must wear shoes she tends to choose to wear sandals or boots.

She has a tattoo on her back though it’s typically hidden by her shirt and jacket. She does have one on her right leg of a tribal designed rabbit.


Because she is reserved about contact with others she tends to be a little antisocial, preferring to remain on her own rather than to venture out and make many friends. Due to this those friends she does make she holds close and would do anything she could for. She’s also had little experience with intimate relationships, the longest one she’d had lasting only a few short months when she was a teenager. Though she’s read many things, observed many couples and knows a thing or two she is still highly inexperienced with being intimate with anyone herself in a romantic light much less anything further. As such she is often a little timid when any kind of situation might crop up and needs to be eased into them by the other party, unable to bring herself to be bolder at the start and make the first moves.

When someone gets to know her she can prove to be quite rambunctious and a little loud, often speaking before she thinks things through. She can also prove to be rather generous, even to strangers, giving what she can if asked. This can often lead her into situations where she has nothing to get by on and has to scrimp.

She tries to be tough and to fight her own battles though usually she lets things slide. She claims it’s because “it’s not worth it” though usually it’s because she’s not as tough as she lets on she is. She is quick to throw insults and threats if she feels she’s being threatened or that someone is trying to get the better of her.

She has a tendency to pick at the split and breaking ends of her hair while she waits for things.

She has quite a sweet tooth and often won’t turn down the offer of anything that can sate it. Drawing is also something she quite likes and will often try to doodle at least once a day, to keep into practice or so she claims. While she likes fantasy stories she often doesn’t make nearly as much time in her day to finish any books she picks up anymore unlike when she was a young teenager.

She isn’t a fan of large crowds and often avoids being in the middle of any of them at all costs. If she must be near them she skirts to the edges of them where she can have some breathing room.

When angered enough she grows withdrawn, refusing to speak even when prodded to. This makes things difficult on the other party or parties as things do not get hashed out in a quick and easy fashion. Oftentimes she resorts to hiding what’s bothering her as well though the reasons why she does this may vary. Likewise she may not always stand up for herself and thus can be a bit of a pushover.

She’s naïve and will often just accept things that are told to her though sometimes she does silently question them. She often does not go out of the way to find other answers and is sometimes betrayed because of it. Likewise when she grows embarrassed she tends to grow loud and try to act tough though it lends little credit to her image.


n/a at this time

n/a at this time

Love Interest

||Background Information||

Her history isn’t one to brag about or one that she feels she needs to share. She had a mother and a father as well as three siblings who were all older than her by over a decade. Because of this she grew up as if she were an only child, spoiled occasionally whenever the family could afford to spare the money though mostly left to her own devices. Though she had a roof over her head and food to eat she was neglected emotionally as a child, often told to go play by herself or to sit quietly and to not make a sound while someone napped. This meant that she was unable to even sneak outside without being in trouble during the latter. Because of this she’s grown to be someone who’s reserved when it comes to dealing with others, at least at first, and is often uncomfortable with being rushed into what she feels are intimate conversations or situations.

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|Nier| Reks
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