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Gently Entangled

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 Space Dandy character sheet:Gura

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PostSubject: Space Dandy character sheet:Gura   Thu Sep 18, 2014 2:10 am

Full name:Gurarenwelljio Stariotsulu

Gura(because her name is too long)
Babe with the long name
Warrior Babe


Race info:Warrior race.Most join Army or fighting group weird if they don't.Having two different colored eyes is common.Those of the race sport a forked tail and two black horns that are soft despite how they look.

Appearence description:Like picture but with forked tail and two black horns.

Likes:Pervy books,Staring at hot men,Snacking,being lazy

Dislikes:Hard work,paper work,Dandy,being waked up,Boobies

Personality:Gura is lazy yet will say things about working people.Like maybe they should have worked hard.She is blunt and bold doing or saying things she shouldn't.She typically hides her feelings out of habit.She only fights if something she likes/loves is in danger this being mostly Pervy books /mags with men nude or almost.Another is her being drunk and herself being in danger.Also,she will punch hard anything that rushes at her from behind.

Strength:Stronger then humans can lift things three times her own weight and faster then earthlings.

"Seriously,what were those guys thinking?They defiently could work harder the that."

"Dandy you are the most unattractive guy I ever met."

"Maybe if you stopped being such a perv in front of women maybe you'd score one."

"A perv me?Sad but true.Well,guys like pervy women,so I'm good.Plus,I don't act like a perv in front of them."

Crush/love interest:
Gentle Nobra
*or if you don't want to do him*
Human Meow


Yanderes,Yangires,Murder oh my!
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Space Dandy character sheet:Gura
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