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Gently Entangled

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 |Assassin's Creed| Ilana

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PostSubject: |Assassin's Creed| Ilana   Wed Sep 24, 2014 3:22 pm

||Basic Information||


Twenty-Seven years old

Stable hand.


Hair Color and Style
Her hair is cut short, hugging her head. Often times, she has it spiked up in the back if she can manage it. Due to it growing too fast, she often has to go to a hair dresser every other month just to keep it cut short.

The color is a dirty blonde, growing darker every year. Due to this, she tips her hair with some blonde to keep the color of her hair that she rather liked.

Her eyes are a very dark brown. Often times, they're obstructed with a thick pair of glasses however. Some people believe her eyes are actually black.

Skin Tone and Complexion
Her skin tone is normally a little dark. She often has a farmers tan from working with horses during the day time.

Complexion is normally fair if she washes her face everyday.

Standing at 5'6", Ilana looks a little broader than most women. Her shoulders are squared, leaving her frustrated when it comes to getting clothing.

She is about normal weight for her height. Despite that, she feels she looks pudgy despite the surprise some people get when she admits her weight. Her legs are rather strong due to riding.

Ilana is a little curvy though, her figure is often obstructed by the fact that she wears T-shirts rather than anything that hugs her figure.

Clothing Style
Typically, she wears T-shirts and old jeans, Ilana doesn't think of herself as too impressive. She's often covered in dirt or mud, smelling of horses. Because of the work she does, she pays little mind of wearing something nice. Often times, the work clothes she wears are later ruined as it is.

She always wears a pair of working boots to protect her feet. Rarely is she seen without them on.

She has a nasty scar on her elbow due to a bicycling accident. Another scar runs up her leg from a second accident.

She has no tattoos and only her earlobes are pierced but she doesn't often wear earrings due to working with the horses.


Ilana is very quiet in nature. Working with the animals she does, she's learned to keep herself a little quieter, a little more gentle so that she doesn't startle them. In that regard, she has become just as quiet and gentle with people as well.

She is patient with those who treat her right. If someone were to go out of their way to step on her toes, she would defend herself. Ilana feels she should be treated just as well as anyone else. If she feel threatened, she will say something about it.

Much like the horses she takes care of, she's a bit of a herder. She liked to be around those she feels comfortable with. These people make her feel protected and safe. She warms rather easily to those who are friendly and doesn't care for those who have done her wrong.

She is patient and intuitive. She does what she's told whether they be simple things or not.

She chews on her lips when she's in deep thought or worried.
Ilana, despite having her hair as short as it is, toys with it on occasion.
She shuffles her weight often, having one leg that bothers her more so than the other.

Naturally, horses
The smell of hay and alfalfa.
Sleeping in barns
Riding horses
Laying out side during clear, starry nights

The mistreatment or neglect of horses.
Being left on her own for long periods of time.
Grating sounds that give her headaches.

While she is patient with those she can deal with, people who push her buttons, she will lose her temper easily. She can't stand those who can pin point her discomforts and continually prod them.

Due to not caring to be alone for too long, she follows people like sheep. For some, this has become annoying. Ilana is a herding type by nature and this habit is not something she can easily nip in the bud.

She is easy to upset if she's pushed hard enough. Because of this, she will hide away for hours when she needs to be alone. Until she feels like she's recovered, she will isolate herself.

Because she spends more time with horses than she does with people, she sometimes can have a hard time a difficult time cottoning to some people and personalities.

N/A at the moment

N/A at the moment

N/A at the moment

Love Interest
Caleb Garret

||Background Information||



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|Assassin's Creed| Ilana
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