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Gently Entangled

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 |Aya Knightwalker| Bleach Rp OC

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PostSubject: |Aya Knightwalker| Bleach Rp OC   Mon Oct 06, 2014 8:07 pm

[*]Name: Aya Knightwalker

[*]Physical Description-
[*]Age: Appears 17
[*]Species: Shinigami
[*]Voice: Tomosa Murata
[*]((By all means you do not have to listen to all of both of those xD Just some of each, more the first since the second is repeating, the first covers more emotions))
[*]Skin tone: Pale - Peach
[*]Hair Color: Red
[*]Facial Features-
[*]Nose: Small, slightly upturned.
[*]Jaw: She has a soft, round jaw
[*]Color: Purple
[*]Shape: Round

[*]Height: 5’4”
[*]Weight: 119.2 lbs.


((GIF so please clicky Mr. Linky))

((GIF so please clicky Mr. Linky))
[*]Formal Outfit:

[*]Personal Information-
[*]Personality: Aya Knightwalker can sadistic and cruel, showing no sympathy towards her enemies; killing them without mercy. Knightwalker also appears to value her pride as a fairly high-ranking Shinigami. However, her victory streak has made her overly arrogant. As such, she doesn't take losing very lightly. After being beaten by Ichigo Kurosaki, Knightwalker acts gentler, having been touched by his words. Aya is a very strict person, often criticizing the bad behavior and habits of the other squad members, causing most of them to apologize, fearing that they might invoke her wrath. She is also very impatient, disliking people who don't answer her questions quickly enough. However, she has a great sense of justice and pride in being a member of Gotei 13. Aya is strong, cool and a little scary but relied on by everyone, even so she can be really girly and liked sweet things and cute clothes. When one of her friends had lost his memories, remembering nothing but the name "Aya", said her name was "full of kindness, brightness and warmth". Despite her reserved personality and mostly dressing in her conservative clothing, Aya has been shown to have very little modesty and an unusual view on the concept in general. Many of her armors are skimpy, revealing and feminine, and when out of armor she has an affinity for sexy and revealing clothing
[*]Sexuality: Heterosexual
[*]Do they play any sports?: She doesn’t make a point to, but she enjoys to and is typically pretty good.
[*]Do they play any instruments? Sing?: Yes, she sings and can play a bit of piano.
[*]Are they artistically talented?: Not at all.
[*]Are they a Leader or a Follower?: A mix of both

[*]Food: Cheesecake
[*]Drink: Apple Cider
[*]Animal: Kitten
[*]Color: Purple / Blue
[*]Type of Music: Classical
[*]Genre of books: Horror / Mystery
[*]Place: Her room

[*]Career (If they are still in school, what do they plan to be?): She is the Captain of Division 5, however she does most of her work in the human world, so she goes to school with Ichigo and has her own apartment, also working as a waitress at a cute little cafe.
[*]Are they happy in their job/ at school?: She is happy as can be.
[*]Do they have any serious hobbies?: Music
[*]How do they get to work/school?: She walks.

[*]Who do they live with?: Herself
[*]Are they married?: No
[*]Do they have children?: No
[*]Who is/are their love interests?: Ichigo Kurosaki / Toshiro Hitsugaya
[*]What is their relationship with their parents like?: She doesn’t remember her parents.
[*]Siblings?: She doesn’t have the privilege of knowing her siblings, however her and Rangiku treat each other as sisters often. Some of the other Shinigami believe her and Renji were siblings in their human lives.
[*]Do they have any pets?: No
[*]Names and species: --

[*]Were their parents ever divorced?: No
[*]If so, how old was the character?: --
[*]Was the character ever abused?: Yes
[*]If so, by who?: Parents
[*]What kind of abuse?: Physical
[*]How long did the abuse continue?: Until they caused her death at the age of 17.
[*]How was it stopped?: Her death
[*]What was their relationship with Grandparents?: She did not know them
[*]Have they lost a Grandparent?: --

[*]Zanpakuto: Rai 雷=らい Kogo 皇后 (Lightning Empress))
[*]Element: Lightning
[*]Spirit: Rai Kogo is a girl that appears to be in her mid-teens, younger than her wielder. She has long blonde hair which is kept in pigtails held firm with black bows, and her eyes are deep brown. She wears a black tank top with a black cape and a pink skirt with a large brown belt along with tall black boots.




In the shikai form her speed is increased a bit, her outfit remains the same black kimono that all the other Shinigami wear. In the shikai form, typically Rai is just used as a normal combat spear.

In this form, Aya uses Rai to her full potential, using both lightning and the traditional fighting technique. Her outfit changes from the typical Shinigami uniform to a yellow and white dress with a few armored plates.

[*]Any other notes:
[*]Spiritual Power: 8/10
[*]Swordsmanship: 10/10
[*]Hand-to-Hand Combat: 7/10
[*]Defense: 5/10
[*]Offense: 8/10
[*]Kidō: 4/10

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|Aya Knightwalker| Bleach Rp OC
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